Marten - This is how you get rid of annoying martens quickly, with our AI-based animal defense

A marten can cause serious damage in your house and car.

Typical marten damage to the car are cables under the hood that have been eaten through.

In particular, cars that are parked late in the evening after a drive attract the marten with their still warm engine compartment.

Martens cause considerable damage with their bites in hoses and ignition cables in engine rooms. The insurance companies regulate around 200,000 marten damages to vehicles every year.

What do martens like on vehicles

  • ignition cable
  • Coolant and washer fluid hoses
  • plastic tubing
  • Bellows on drive shafts and steering
  • Power lines and their insulation
  • Insulating mats for noise and heat insulation

The consequences of a marten bite

Bitten ignition cables can cause the engine to run unevenly. If the engine does not die anyway, the ADAC advises against continuing to drive without a precise diagnosis, since unburned fuel can damage the catalytic converter.

Injuries to rubber cuffs are not immediately noticeable when driving. Damage to the drive and axle joints and possibly the steering parts only occurs as a result of the subsequent ingress of dirt and water and the loss of the grease filling. That can be dangerous. And if the damage is not discovered quickly, it can drastically increase repair costs.

Perforated coolant hoses lead to a loss of coolant with the risk of the engine overheating. Biting vacuum hoses can lead to a loss of performance, and the engine may switch to the emergency program.

IREPELL - Get rid of martens and avoid damages to your car.

Martens also cause a lot of damage indoors, especially in the attic

Attics are favorite haunts of stone martens. There they look for a warm place where they can sleep undisturbed during the day, because martens are nocturnal. In doing so, they destroy the insulation and prefer to set up a latrine in one place, from which an extremely unpleasant odor then emanates.

In the worst case, the urine of the marten can soak wooden ceilings and damage them so badly that they have to be replaced. The marten damage is therefore enormous.

In addition, the marten tends to carry its prey into its lair, which then rots in your attic with a strong odor developing.

IREPELL - Get rid of martens and avoid damages to your car.

The following measures will help you to drive away martens

Home remedies have a long tradition of chasing away martens. However, if you want to use this, you should calculate some time, because the marten only leaves your house when it feels continuously disturbed for a long time.

  • Light and loud music in his place disturb the marten in his night's sleep and can scare him off in the long term.
  • Martens do not like metallic noises. A frequently ringing alarm clock can therefore drive away the marten.
  • Martens are sensitive to smells. In particular, they do not like dog hair and animal urine or toilet scent stones.
  • Cloths soaked in perfume disturb the marten's sensitive nose.
  • If you regularly enter the attic and move loudly or move furniture and boxes, the marten will feel disturbed.
  • Dog hair In addition to the methods already mentioned for repelling martens, there are also a few tips on how to protect your car from marten bites. So you should lay hair under the hood on marten-repellent materials such as mothballs or marten protective films.
  • Hairspray, gummy bears or cinnamon sticks are also possible.
  • Electroshock devices that distribute light electric shocks to the intruder based on the principle of an electric fence have proven their worth. The installation of these devices with several hundred volts but harmless currents should be well thought out and carried out properly and professionally.
  • Protective hoses made of hard plastic for covering the ignition cables are available from car accessory shops. They should be laid and secured in such a way that they cannot get caught in moving or hot parts. However, they offer no protection for hoses and axle sleeves, which are also often bitten.
  • Ultrasonic devices, on the other hand, are supposed to chase away martens with tones of constantly changing frequencies that humans cannot hear. Installation and connection are possible with few tools and are completed within a few minutes.
  • Engine compartment partitions also offer good protection, preventing martens from getting to the cables and hoses. Some manufacturers offer the partitions as special equipment, for various models there are engine pans for retrofitting.
  • After a marten infestation, a professional engine wash should be carried out. Because: The animals usually react very aggressively and with particular bite to scent traces of their conspecifics. In general, if possible, drivers should park their vehicles in the garage. Although martens also get into garages, they are less common there. Martens often prey outdoors to store in their burrow. If this is full, they usually give up further forays. Marten burrows are mostly found under piles of wood, in masonry or piles of stones.

Martens like to eat tires. So these should always be covered.

  • A marten deterrent is a device designed to drive away martens with acoustic signals.
  • There is a marten deterrent for outdoor use and for use in garages.
  • Marten deterrents work either with ultrasound or with a combination of ultrasound and infrasound.
  • Marten deterrents, which only generate ultrasound, are harmless to martens.
  • Marten repellers, which produce ultrasonic and infrasound, can injure or kill martens.
  • Marten deterrents are available in stores and garden centers.
  • Marten deterrents need regular cleaning and maintenance to be effective at repelling martens.
  • Marten deterrents are not a permanent solution to the marten problem.

But now there is a new way to get rid of martens forever and drive them away for good.

iRepell, the first marten protection device with artificial intelligence (AI).

iRepell is the only device on earth that has built-in intelligence to recognize the area of ​​application. That means we have 60 marten subspecies with different behaviors in the world.

Based on our built-in AI, the defense strategy is adjusted.

The device not only emits ultrasonic frequencies to ward off the marten. No, there are endless variations on the different marten species.

  • 360 Shield
  • Laboratory Ultrasound
  • A concert instead of a tone
  • Controlled via a microchip and a circuit board
  • Highest quality directional speakers
  • Compared to other competitors: The others have a cheap speaker that is connected directly to the iPod.
  • We have high fidelity speakers and a huge amplifier in between

Defense with iRepell - the sustainable and sure enemy of this animal

Defense with iRepell's AI is completely automatic. As soon as a marten comes close, it is driven away by the device. You don't have to worry about anything anymore!

iRepell is harmless to humans and martens.

With iRepell you can finally relax and marten problems are a thing of the past! And the best our APP will tell you exactly what´s going on / what´s not going on as iRepell will repell the enemy effectively. Means the movement alarm will reduce dramatically shortly after our system was set up. 

IREPELL - A hight-tech smart device to protect your car and garage from martens.


iRepell is the ONLY digital and smart connected marten repeller in the world - all others are non-digital and non-connected to any APP or Software/Cloud. 

Martens are intelligent animals, so it's not enough to just play an ultrasound and hope the marten leaves. Instead, iRepell analyzes the area of operation and adjusts the counter strategy to ensure that it is driven out forever.

With iRepell you can:

  • Drive away martens immediately
  • Drive away martens forever
  • Adapt expulsion methods to the marten species
  • Drive martens out of your car

We assure you, iRepell keeps martens away forever.

IREPELL - Get rid of martens and avoid damages to your car.

Our features to successful repel martens

  • App included
  • AI sets a timers as martens usually only work at night.
  • Built-in light, motion and temperature sensor combined with your current location feed the algorithm of the device to judge the current as is situation
  • 360-Degree Sound: We baked in a patent-pending 360-degree wave shield to cover a wide area against the enemy >10m
  • Strong in terms of battery performance and 5 overlapping ultrasonic ranges from 20kHz - 200kHz + and normal sound for human sound simulation + we built in an ultra high power LED emitter.
  • Compared to other competitors: The others have a cheap speakers only that are after one week of 24/7 operation up to 80% reduced in terms of dB level. We have high fidelity speakers and a huge amplifier in between
  • Recognizes 60 different marten species
  • All in all, iRepell is 7x better than comparable products with its AI intelligence


  • How does marten control work with iRepell?

    iRepell has built-in artificial intelligence that recognizes the area of ​​application and adapts the defense strategy. In this way the marten is really driven away and not killed. iRepell is easy to install and very effective.


  • What is special about fighting martens with iRepell?

    Irepell is the only device that has an artificial intelligence built in. This recognizes different types and behavior of the pests and adapts the defense strategy. In this way the marten is really driven away and not killed. Irepell also recognizes and this is VERY important to repell martens over a longer period of time if an new district marten is entering your home. This event is the MOST CRITICAL time as the new district marten try to mark the new territory and for examples tries to bite your car at the same area as the old marten to leave his aroma at the area. Irepell built-in artificial intelligence recognizes such event and will be on 360 degree full power mode to not let the new marten at all enter your area.


  • Is marten control with Irepell easy to install?

    Yes, the installation is easy and quick. iRepell is ready for installation including wall bracket and changing station. The APP is free for download in your Apple or Android App Store.

  • What are the advantages of fighting martens with Irepell?

    Marten control with IRepell is very effective.
    Marten control with IRepell is easy to install.
    Marten control with IRepell is sustainable, more effective than comparable systems and the marten is driven away and not killed. IRepell is easy to install and very effective. IRepell was developed to support you with your marten control over years and years. It was tested to work properly over 30.000 running hours 24/7

  • Is marten control with iRepell CE certified?

    Yes, fighting martens with Irepell is CE, FCC, CCC certified.

  • Can I order iRepell in the online shop?

    Test iRepell and add the product to the shopping cart to place the order in the online shop. Receive this unique animal repellent on the shipping route. The comparison to conventional means and our tips will convince you.

  • What service is offered?

    The service team is available from Monday to Friday for questions and information and is more then open to help you to set up your system at your home.
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