Rapid marten defense with 1th IREPELL - awesome and powerfull

Marten Defense

Help with IREPELL – The AI-based ultrasound marten defense!

Marten Defense

Do you know this problem?

Marten Defense is the solution!

You get in your car and the marten has ripped up the seats again. Or you park in the garage and the marten has hidden under the car and eaten part of the engine.

Martens are annoying, expensive to fight and can even be dangerous.

Marten Defense

But now there’s a new way to get rid of Marder forever – with IREPELL, the first Marder Artificial Intelligence protective device.

IREPELL is the only device on Earth that has built-in intelligence to detect the field of application.

That means, in the world we have 60 Marder subspecies with different behavior!

Based on our built-in AI, the defense strategy is adapted.

The device not only emits ultrasonic frequencies to ward off the marten. No, there are endless variations on the different types of martens.

Martens are annoying animals and cause great damage! Marten Defense with IREPELL is the solution!

The pests can do a lot of damage. They gnaw wires, leather, wood and other materials. In addition, these animals can transmit diseases.

Defense with IREPELL AI is fully automatic. As soon as a marten comes near, it is driven away by the device. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore!

IREPELL is safe for humans and animals.


With IREPELL, you can finally relax and marten problems are a thing of the past!

Marten Defense

How to recognize the marten?

A marten is a predator and feeds on fleshly food.

Martens can be up to 60 cm long and have bushy coat, which is usually grey or brown colored.

Most martens live in forests and at the edges of forests, but more and more often they are also settling near people, as food sources are richer here.

Avoid martens damage!

If martens have already entered your home and caused damage, you should remove it as soon as possible.

Martens feel comfortable in dark, cramped and untidy rooms and look for food here.

Eliminate food scraps, garbage, old newspapers and other waste products.

Make sure your house is well ventilated and these animals do not have access to living rooms or bedrooms.

Furniture should not be on the wall, as martens like to hide in small caves and crevices.

Martens are very curious animals and can easily get into your house.

So always make sure that all windows and doors are closed.

Martens in the attic or near the house!

The animal is primarily nocturnal and even if it is seen during the day, martens are not animals you want to have in the garden.

The marten likes to live in the attic or near the house. Martens can not only damage your car and your home, but can also transmit diseases.

IREPELL is the ONLY digital marten repeller in the world – all others are non-digital and non-networked.

Martens are intelligent animals, so it’s not enough just to play ultrasound and hope the marten goes. Instead, IREPELL analyzes the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy to ensure it is sold forever.

Marten Defense with IREPELL:

  • Get rid of martens immediately
  • Get rid of martens forever
  • Adapt dispersal methods to the martens species
  • Get rid of martens from your car
  • We assure you that IREPELL will drive the animals sustainably for ever
Marten Defense

Our features!

  • App included
  • Set timers, since martens usually only work at night.
  • Built-in light, motion and temperature sensor in combination with your current location
  • 360-degree sound: We baked in a patent-pending 360-degree wave shield to cover a wide area against the enemy
  • Strong in terms of battery power and 5 sound ultrasonic range + and normal sound for human sound + we have built in an ultra-high power LED emitter.
  • Detects 60 different types of martens

All in all, IREPELL with its AI intelligence 6x better than comparable products!

In a nutshell:

  • The only device in the world that has built-in artificial intelligence to identify the specific area of application
  • Detection of different marten species
  • Detection of different marten behaviour
  • IREPELL is digital and networked
  • App installation easy and fast

Your benefits:

  • Sustainable
  • Effective
  • The marten is driven away and not killed
  • Easy handling
  • Very good battery performance
  • Ready for assembly incl. Wall bracket and change station
  • CE certified


  • The 360-degree sound provides a wide defense zone. The system is very effective and convinces with a long battery life. In addition, the system is CE-certified. Marder Abwehr has never been easier!
  • The only device that’s really effective. Martens are pests and very clever and adaptable. Therefore, it is very difficult and a problem, because with conventional means such as marten scare or marten traps they cannot completely dispel
  • IREPELL has built-in artificial intelligence that detects the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy
  • So the marten is really driven out and not killed
Marten Defense

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective and is CE certified!

Marten Defense


? How does Marder combat work with IREPELL?

IREPELL has built-in artificial intelligence that detects the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy. So the marten is really driven out and not killed.

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective.

? What is so special about Marder combat with IREPELL?

IREPELL is the only device that has built-in artificial intelligence. This detects different types and behaviour of pests and adapts the defense strategy.

So the marten is really driven out and not killed.

? Is Marder Combat with IREPELL easy to install?

Yes, installation is quick and easy.

Marten Defense
Marten Defense

IREPELL is ready for installation including wall bracket and changing station.

? What are the benefits of Marder control with IREPELL?

Marder combat with IREPELL is very effective.

Marder combat with IREPELL is easy to install.

Marder combat with IREPELL is sustainable, more effective than comparable systems and the marten is distributed and not killed.

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective.

? Is Marder Combat CE Certified with IREPELL?

Yes, marten combat with Irepell is CE certified.

?Can I order IREPELL in the Online Shop?

Test IREPELL and add the product to your shopping cart to place your order in the online shop.

Receive this unique animal defense on the shipping route.

The comparison to conventional means and our tips will convince you.

?What service is offered?

The service team is available from Mo-Fr for questions and information.

Marten Defense
Marten Defense
Hunde vertreiben Marten Defense
Marten Defense



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