Worried about unwanted animals? Leave the worrying to the Austrian experts. 

IREPELL® is pure Austrian quality. IREPELL® was designed and realised by Austrian experts with a clear vision for the future of sustainable animal repellation.

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IREPELL® protects your home from unwanted animals.

A high-tech startup based in austria

IREPELL is a high-tech start-up based in Tyrol. The main components as well as the production of the electronics, packaging, firmware, is made in Tirol/Austria. Our multi-headed team consists of experts from various disciplines with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. Our mission is to protect your home from unwanted animals with usage of the latest digital technology.

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A collective to repel animals sustainable from your home

In the future, we don't just want to build devices, we want to build a whole community on the subject of animal expulsion without chemicals or killing worldwide. The end customer or user of the IRepell devices should be part of the whole and a large part of the profits should be put back directly into the development to develop a whole platform of devices. Another cornerstone of our philosophy is active cooperation with research institutions worldwide. We will support active research on animal deterrence financially and with our own equipment. For example, we have already started sharing our technology with the most renowned specialist company for mosquito tests in the laboratory and together we want to make step by step IRepell more effective.The start of series production is planned for September 2022. The pilot series has already been distributed to test customers and scientists and the feedback was outstanding for us and a confirmation to continue on the path we have taken.

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IREPELL® Predator sound protects your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® Predator sound protects your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® 360° shield protects your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® 360° shield protects your home from unwanted animals.

Our story so far

Co-Founder Johannes has the brilliant idea of ​​an IoT and Smart Home-enabled device based on digital printing, ultrasound and sound waves

Testing and first attempts in your own home and acquisition + testing of various sound sources. The idea solidified and the first successes were achieved.

Johannes gets Christian and Board, the 2nd co-founder and they decide to officially start the iRepell project and devote 100% to the topic. With an international team and renowned companies from the field of consumer design, smart electronics and digital marketing, the previous results of the iRepell series 1 are being developed. Parallel to this, research projects are started with various research institutions including funding for basic research by the state of Tyrol.

Preparation of series production and APP development to control the device via smartphone or tablet. Development of the online shop. Our goal is to start iRepell in direct sales as a brand so that we can get in direct contact with our customers. We want to learn from our customers and we incorporate any feedback from customers into further software development, since we at IRepell have the opportunity to continuously improve the devices via firmware updates and to make the built-in AI better step by step. Any positive or negative feedback is always welcome directly to the  shop@irepell.com. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram.

2023 - 2024:
Series production with hundrets of units sold world wide with numberous positive feedback to the device. CES23 Award winner

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IREPELL® Reliable and successful animal repellation at the touch of a button.