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Cat Scare – What Really Helps with Cat Repulsion?

Are you dealing with a stray cat and looking for an effective cat scare? Then they found what they were looking for with this post.

A stray cat that constantly leaves
itscat feces in the garden is difficult to control. Often, the victims have already tried many methods of cat defense unsuccessfully. The search for an effective cat scare starts.

So what really helps if you want to drive cats away? We'll tell you what to keep in mind if you want to keep a strange cat out of the garden. We will also show you methods that have proven to be particularly effective. 

What is there to consider when defending against cats?

There are several ways to keep a stray cat away from your property. Before deciding on a cat repellent method , you should make a number of considerations to make the ideal choice.

Animal friendliness – keep cats away gently

Even if you feel permanently disturbed by the neighbouring cat and it disfigures the garden, animal friendliness is in the foreground when it comes to cat repellent. Violence against animals is never justified and can also have legal consequences. 

After all, it would not be fair to punish the animal for its natural behaviour. Rather, it is about making use of precisely this knowledge of cats' behaviour in order to effectively drive them away.

Cat Repellent Costs

When choosing the method for cat deterrence, price plays a not inconsiderable role. Who wants to spend a lot of money on a problem that you didn't cause yourself?

Unfortunately, since it is often not possible to hold cat owners accountable for the misconduct of their cats, you have to look for methods to ward off cats yourself. However, the costs for this should not (and do not have to) be exorbitantly high. 

Avoiding Neighborhood Conflicts

Pronunciation is often the easiest solution to many problems. However, when it comes to pets, it can lead to conflicts with the neighbors. On the one hand, the cat has a very high priority for many people, and criticism of it is not well received. And on the other hand, freelancers are very independent and make their rounds without the owners knowing much about their forays.

Many cat owners do not feel responsible for their cat's behavior because it is difficult to track or even stop it. The jurisprudence also sees it this way to a large extent. If it is not significant damage caused by the animal, the cat's visits to foreign gardens are subject to the right of toleration. 

Keeping Cats Away: Different Methods

Cats are very intelligent, nimble animals. If you want to keep stray cats away in order to protect your own property, this can be very difficult. To this end, there are various possibilities that we present here with their advantages and disadvantages. 

Cat repellent irrigation systems

Since most cats are known to avoid water, there are certain cat repeller systems that use a motion sensor to shoot ajet of water as soon as the cat enters the garden. Due to the negative experience, the cat will avoid this place in the garden in the future. 

The disadvantage, however, is that the irrigation systems basically have to be installed throughout the entireoutdoor area to avoid cats making their way into the beds or sandbox in other places. The purchase can also be very expensive. It is all the more annoying when the intelligent animals manage to circumvent the system. 

Cat Scare Plants

There are certain plants that smell unpleasant to cats and are therefore more likely to avoid them. These include, for example, lemon balm or the harp bush. These common home remedies for cats are planted in theflower bed to keep the cat away. 

Unfortunately, theseCat Scare plants do not reliably protect in some cases because the cat is not sensitive enough to the scent. This can vary greatly from animal to animal. In addition, they only work in one place in the garden and it cannot be guaranteed that the cat will not find another way in.

Attention: How did catnip get its name?

Not because it effectively discourages cats! Catnip attracts the animals magically – so be careful if you have the plant in the garden!

Home Remedies to Evict Cats

In addition to cat-deterrent plants, there are also some home remedies that are intended to keep cats away with their smell. These include menthol, the smell of garlic, chili, pepper or vinegar. These home remedies must be laid out throughout the garden. 

Unfortunately, the protection only lasts for a few days until the smell disappears. In addition, there is the major disadvantage that the smell of garlic in the garden is also unpleasant for people. 

Chemical fragrances to keep cats away

In addition to natural fragrances and plants, there are also chemical catrepellents in the form of granules or as a spray, which can be used to repel cats. These animal repellent products are usually distributed in the garden and give off a fragrance that cats avoid. 

The products can often be harmful to plants in the garden if they get into the ground during a downpour. They are therefore not necessarily suitable for use in a flower bed or even in a sandbox where children can play and put the substances in their mouths – it is worth taking a look at the instructions for use.

Natural barriers against cats

Natural barriers such as dense hedges with thorns are another way to keep cats away. The problem: Cats can climb and jump well. That's why hedges orfences are often not effective enough to keep them from doing mischief in the garden.

Purchasing a hedge or a fence is also cost-intensive.

Under certain circumstances, erecting the barrier can also cause a neighbourhood conflict if the obstacle can be understood as a provocation. 

Ultrasound equipment as an ethically animal-friendly cat scare

Ultrasonic devices are a very effective method of cat defense. They emit a frequency that is not perceived by humans, but is perceived as unpleasant by cats.

Cats avoid the entire area that is protected by the ultrasound defences. Unlike other measures that only work at one point in the garden, an ultrasonic cat scare provides protection for the entire outdoor but also indoor area to which the sound effect extends.

Ultrasonic animal repellers are available with a battery, batteries or for mains operation. Some models are only triggered when a motion detector is activated. So they only send when the cat tries to enter the garden. 

Animal-friendly and effective cat repellent with IREPELL®

Cats are intelligent animals with a strong will. However, the characteristics for which they are valued by their owners can also create conflicts in the environment.

IREPELL ® has been developed so that you no longer have to worry about cat feces in the garden in the future . The compact device is easy to control via the app and uses ultrasound to create an invisible 360°protective shield against cats – completely animal-friendly.

IREPELL® reliably protects against cats – without the use of chemicals, violence or noise. If the motion sensor is triggered, a frequency that is unpleasant for cats is generated. In addition, the device has a bright flash, which additionally contributes to an effective cat defense, but can also be switched off. 

The 360° protective shield not only keeps cats away from their property, but also offers different modes for a total of 16 animal species, which you can select in the app. For example, the device can be used to repel a dog, but also keeps wild animals and pests such as martens, mice, rats and raccoons away. 

In addition, IREPELL® can be used effectively forpest control. With functions against ants, moths and cockroaches, your apartment is safe from insects. IREPELL ® also offers tick protection and mosquito repellent, so you don't have to worry about bites or bites from mosquitoes and gels at the next barbecue party. 

You can use the device in both mains and battery mode, so even take it with you! This allows you to use the advantages of IREPELL® as a gentle means of animal displacement on the go. 


How can I keep cats away from my property?

To keep cats out of the garden, you can install physical barriers such as hedges or use certain plants that cats avoid. In addition, commercial cat repellent sprays orultrasound devices can be used, which have a deterrent effect due to unpleasant smells or sounds.

What odor keeps cats away?

Cats avoid certain strong smells such as citrus fruits (e.g. lemons, oranges), lavender and vinegar, as they find them unpleasant. Even plants like the harp bush don't like to smell cats. Unfortunately, they often find other ways around the plants to get into the garden. 

What really helps to drive cats away?

Ultrasonic devices have proven to be particularly effective for reliably keeping cats out of the garden. They emit frequencies that are not audible to human ears, but are perceived as unpleasant by cats. IREPELL® is activated with a motion detector and, in addition to a cat repellent function, offers various other functions for humane animal repellent and pest control.

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