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Eliminate Rats with IREPELL®

Rats are not only annoying pests, but also dangerous disease carriers. These rodents can spread numerous pathogens – such as salmonella, leptospira and hantaviruses. In addition, rats like to gnaw on electrical cables, which can lead to short circuits and fires, and leave feces that contaminate food and surfaces.

A rat infestation can therefore cause considerable health and material damage. With IREPELL®, we offer an innovative and humane solution to effectively expel rats without resorting to harmful chemicals or deadly traps.

IREPELL® combines modern technologies to keep rats away in an environmentally friendly way while ensuring the safety of people and pets.

Ultrasound – miracle cure for pests

Ultrasound is a proven method of pest control that is as effective as it is environmentally friendly and gentle on animals. Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans and pets, but are extremely uncomfortable to rats and other rodents. 

These sound waves penetrate the environment and interfere with the orientation and communication of the rats. Since rats rely heavily on their senses to find food and nests, disorientation causes them to avoid the affected area.

IREPELL® uses this technology to provide a safe and humane method of rat control that requires no chemical agents or poison bait. This means there is no impact on the environment, while ensuring effective protection against rats.

Sensor technology and ultrasound meet AI – at IREPELL®

IREPELL® offers an innovative solution to prevent rat infestation. The device not only uses ultrasound to keep rats away, but also has motion, temperature and humidity sensors. These allow IREPELL ® to assess its environment and adjust its defense strategy.

Because with the help of artificial intelligence,IREPELL ® learns from every successful animal defense in order to constantly improve its defense algorithms. All of this happens on its own – you don't have to do anything.

IREPELL ® is a high-tech solution for animal protection, but at the same time extremely comfortable and user-friendly. The initial setup works via the intuitive app, so you can position the device on the wall, on the floor or in a protected corner after just a few minutes. In the future, a single push of a button on the device will be enough to activate its 360° shield and effectively deter rats.

But not just rats! Because IREPELL® can be used against a total of 16 animal species, which you can define yourself via the app. In addition to the mode against rats, there are also functions that keep cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, ticks and ants, martens, mice or raccoons away. For all these animals, defense strategies have been developed on a scientific basis that trigger the animals' natural flight instinct.

Here are the advantages of IREPELL ® at a glance:

  • Different defense modes: Targeted settings for different animals, including a special mode for rats

  • Long range: Protects with a 360° shield with a far-reaching ultrasonic signal

  • Easy to use: Easy to install and control via a user-friendly app

The device generates an ultrasonic predator sound to mimic the natural enemies of the animal to be repelled. Certain modes also rely on the strobe light, which is also installed, to drive away particularly stubborn intruders even more effectively.

IREPELL® can be connected to the mains, but can also be operated via the powerful battery. This makes it suitable for continuous operation in the garage, warehouse or kitchen as well as for use on the go. This makes IREPELL® a true all-rounder when it comes to animal-friendly pest control.




How does IREPELL ® work to repel rats?

IREPELL® uses motion sensors and flash to expel rats. The sound waves disturb the orientation of the rats so that they avoid the area.

Is IREPELL® safe for pets?

Yes, the sound waves are inaudible to most pets such as dogs and cats and therefore harmless. The flash is only active in certain modes and can also be deactivated.

Can IREPELL® also be used outdoors?

Yes,IREPELL ®devices are weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How long does it take for IREPELL ® to take effect?

IREPELL® works as soon as it has been switched on, as long as the device remains active. It can also be used in mains operation and thus run through.

Is IREPELL® a humane method for controlling rats?

Yes,IREPELL ® expels the rats without harming them, making it a humane and animal-friendly method.

How often does IREPELL ® need to be serviced?

IREPELL®devices require minimal maintenance. The battery is particularly powerful, and in mains operation IREPELL ® can even run through it. Updates keep improving both the app and the device.

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