The incredible AI-based ultrasound animal defense!

IREPELL 6 times better than other repellers!

mice & rats defense

What is the problem about mice & rats?

The problem is that mice & rats multiply very quickly, contaminate your food and pinch cables – causing expensive damage. Nevertheless, you should not kill the animals, but catch them alive.

But now there’s a new way to get rid of Mice & Rats forever – with IREPELL, the first Artificial Intelligence protective device.

IREPELL is an ultrasonic device that uses high-frequency waves to repel rats and mice. The special thing about IREPELL: It only affects animals, is 100% harmless to humans and also protects against cockroaches!

This is how IREPELL works:

The device emits ultrasound at a very high frequency, which is inaudible to humans. The animals, on the other hand, perceive the ultrasound as extremely unpleasant and try to get away from it as quickly as possible.

The rats and mice then avoid the area where IREPELL is installed and look for a new place to live. The best thing about it: IREPELL is effective immediately after installation and protects your home from rats and mice – without any poison!

Get rid of rats and mice now – with IREPELL!

The AI-based ultrasound animal defense is the new way to get rid of rats and mice.

IREPELL uses high-frequency waves to repel rats and mice. The rats and mice then avoid the area where IREPELL is installed and look for a new place to live.

IREPELL is effective immediately after installation and protects your home from rats and mice for up to 4 months – without any poison!

Get rid of rats and mice now – with IREPELL!

mice & rats defense

IREPELL is the only device on Earth that has built-in intelligence to detect the field of application

Based on our built-in AI, the defense strategy is adapted.

The device not only emits ultrasonic frequencies to ward off Mice & Rats.

It also uses light as a repellent. rats and mice are particularly fond of dark places.

Mice & Rats are annoying animals and cause great damage! 

A Few Facts about Mice and Rats

  • Mice can live up two years in captivity but typically lead shorter lives in the wild. They can reproduce when they are just two months old. A female can give birth to a litter every 6-8 weeks, and each litter averages between 2-12 baby mice. This means if you notice one of these pests in your home, it can quickly lead to a big mouse problem.
  • Rodents are motivated by survival instincts, meaning they will do whatever they can to find food, water, and shelter. However, just like you and me, mice have preferences; there are some things they love and some things they hate.
  • These preferences can be used to keep them away from your home.
  • Rats have poor eyesight and are colorblind, they make up for it with their keen sense of smell, which is 40 times better than ours. rats use their tails for balance and to maintain their body temperature. When rats feel threatened, their tails stand erect and quiver.
  • Rats are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for up to three minutes. rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. rats are good jumpers and can clear an obstacle 18 inches high from a standing position.
  • If you're dealing with a mouse or rat problem, IREPELL can help. IREPELL is an ultrasonic device that produces sound waves that rats and mice hate. The sound is inaudible to humans and pets, but it's incredibly effective at keeping these pests away.
  • IREPELL is easy to use; just plug it into any standard outlet and let it do its job. IREPELL is safe for use around children and pets, and it's backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you're looking for a way to keep rats and mice away from your home, IREPELL is the perfect solution.
mice & rats defense


What helps against rats?

In order to drive rats out, one must first know how they were able to gain access to the home environment and what, if any, attracted them. For this purpose, damage to buildings should first be removed.

Help against rats also promise a whole range of useful tips when dealing with food and waste. Objective: To remove the food sources of rats. Considering the following tips against rats, it should be possible to drive out rats and to avoid or prevent a future rat infestation.

  1. rats are attracted to food sources, so remove any potential food sources from your home
  2. seal up any holes or cracks that rats could use to enter your home
  3. set up traps or use poison as a last resort to kill rats

If you follow these tips, you should be able to effectively repel rats from your home. IREPELL can also help you in this effort by keeping rats away with its KI technology. Try IREPELL today to keep your home rat-free!

With IREPELL, you can finally relax and mice & rats Ratsproblems are a thing of the past!

mice & rats defense

Eliminating building defects: driving rats and mice away!


Door crevices – Rats and mice already need holes and door crevices of 2 cm to squeeze through. Therefore:

In order to dispel rats, non-sealed doors or gates must be equipped with so-called nylon brush strips or rubber lips.

Cracks and joints – Secure windows, doors and ventilation openings by means of stable grids with a small mesh width not exceeding 18 mm.

Damage in the sewer area – Immediate repair of damaged sewer systems. Help against rats also offers the protection of water drains (gullys), which can be secured e. g. by means of metal grids. Damaged pipes from the sewerage system that reach the surface in the basement should be sealed immediately.

Breakthroughs through walls and ceilings – Breakthroughs for supply lines should be closed with stone wool or tight mesh wire and sealed with cement mortar. Cuffs also help. Sealing with metal sheets, especially when breaking through wooden walls and ceilings, is another effective remedy against rats.

Elevator shafts – Elevator shafts can be focal points of infestation in buildings.

Rats can easily climb the cables, guide rails or tubes inside such elevator shafts. The space for the drive motors of the lifts often provides rats with a relatively undisturbed area for nesting.

Avoid Mice & Rats damage!


...against rats:

Rats are said to be afraid of loud noises. For this reason, it is recommended to place radios or similar equipment near their runways and nests and let them play loudly. The rats are then supposedly so disturbed by the noise – are also considered an effective means against rats, as they chase the rats away with their barking.


mice & rats defense

...against mice:

Take a cotton cloth, sprinkle it with peppermint oil and put it in the hole where you think there are mice. The smell is supposed to drive the animals away.

Cayenne pepper is not only a popular spice for sharpening, but is also meant to keep mice away by scattering it where you found the first traces.

The same applies to other foods, such as fresh mint and chamomile, chili peppers and cloves or oleander.

Vinegar is also a proven home remedy to drive mice away. Mix it with water and clean the entire floor of your apartment.


IREPELL is the ONLY digital mice & rats repeller in the world – all others are non-digital and non-networked


Mice & Rats are intelligent animals, so it’s not enough just to play ultrasound. IREPELL analyzes the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy to ensure it is sold forever.

mice & rats defense

With iRepell you can:


  • Get rid of mice & rats immediately
  • Get rid of mice & rats forever
  • Adapt dispersal methods to the mice & rats species
  • Get rid of mice & rats of your home
  • We assure you that IREPELL will drive the animals sustainably for ever


Our features!

  • App included
  • Set timers
  • Built-in light, motion and temperature sensor in combination with your current location
  • 360-degree sound: We baked in a patent-pending 360-degree wave shield to cover a wide area against the enemy
  • Strong in terms of battery power and 5 sound ultrasonic range + and normal sound for human sound + we have built in an ultra-high power LED emitter.

All in all, IREPELL with its AI intelligence 6x better than comparable products!


In a nutshell:

  • The only device in the world that has built-in artificial intelligence to identify the specific area of application
  • Detection of different mice & rats species
  • IREPELL is digital and networked
  • App installation easy and fast

Your benefits:

  • Sustainable
  • Effective
  • The animals are driven away and not killed
  • Easy handling
  • Very good battery performance
  • Ready for assembly incl. Wall bracket and change station
  • CE certified


  • The 360-degree sound provides a wide defense zone. The system is very effective and convinces with a long battery life. In addition, the system is CE-certified.
  • The only device that’s really effective.
  • IREPELL has built-in artificial intelligence that detects the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy
  • Mice & Rats are really driven out and not killed

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective and is CE certified!




? How does Animal combat work with IREPELL?

IREPELL has built-in artificial intelligence that detects the area of operation and adjusts the defense strategy.

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective.

? What is so special about Animal combat with IREPELL?

IREPELL is the only device that has built-in artificial intelligence. This detects different types and behaviour of pests and adapts the defense strategy.

? Is Animal Combat with IREPELL easy to install?

Yes, installation is quick and easy.

IREPELL is ready for installation including wall bracket and changing station.


? What are the benefits of Animal control with IREPELL?

Animal combat with IREPELL is very effective.

Animal combat with IREPELL is easy to install.

Animal combat with IREPELL is sustainable, more effective than comparable systems.

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective.

? Is Animal Combat CE Certified with IREPELL?

Yes, Animal combat with Irepell is CE certified.

?Can I order IREPELL in the Online Shop?

Test IREPELL and add the product to your shopping cart to place your order in the online shop.

Receive this unique animal defense on the shipping route.

The comparison to conventional means and our tips will convince you.

?What service is offered?

The service team is available from Mo-Fr for questions and information.

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