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Drive Away Dogs Quickly and Sustainably with IREPELL®

Drive away annoying dogs 6 x fast, fixed and forever!

A dog - man's best friend, however...

... these animals can quickly become a burden for neighbours and other people. As garden owners, dog feces and dog urine are extremely unpleasant.
It may well be that if you are in possession of a dog, that you can deal with the unpleasant smell. However, dog owners also avoid having their own dog use their own property or garden as a toilet.

Dogs bark loudly in the neighbors' gardens, run towards strangers and can disturb the peace. When foreign dogs move into foreign properties and do their business in the neighbour's herbbeds, the tolerance limit is usually reached quickly.

Drive away dogs

IREPELL is a dog repellent with AI technology to drive dogs away - keeping dogs away sustainably and successfully. Protect your house and home from annoying dogs that you would like to rest from.

Without harming these animals or harming a person. IREPELL is also effective against other four-legged friends such as martens, raccoons, cats or rats.

IREPELL as a cat scare - not only dogs can be kept at a distance with IREPELL. Cats, martens, raccoons or rats and mice can also be repelled. The perfect animal repeller - inconspicuous, gentle and flexible to use - which simply works very well!

IREPELL is the best solution to drive dogs away

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Dogs and cats are popular pets that give their masters and mistresses a lot of affection and love with species-appropriate husbandry and care.

However, when it comes to the delicate issue that the intrusive neighbor's dog has chosen your children's sandbox as a practical dog toilet for on the go or constantly makes the garden fence in your front yard, the animals quickly become annoying. You just want to drive the dog away more to finally have your peace and quiet.


Health problems with strange animals in your home and garden.

Many people have deliberately decided against a pet because they suffer from a severe pet hair allergy. In addition, pathogens can be transmitted if play areas or lawns have been soiled by legacies.

Many people are therefore interested in an animal-friendly and environmentally friendly dog or cat expulsion in order to expel uninvited animal visitors from their private habitat.


Home Remedies for Displacing Dogs:

You can rely on deterrent smells or special devices with acoustic and visual signals.

Strong smells such as chili, hot peppers or pepper can irritate the sensitive dog nose and lead to sneezing attacks and discharge from the nose.

Other spices such as cloves and cinnamon also smell unpleasant to dogs and can even be toxic to the animals.

If home remedies have no effect, you can resort to highly fragrant plants or special repellents for dogs.

Drive away dogs
  • Thorny bushes: prickly or thorny plants can be placed as a natural barrier on the lawn or fence. The plant finds its way through the open fence and prevents dogs from touching the wood directly.
  • Lavender: Dogs usually don't like the smell of lavender either. The decorative shrub forms a beautiful eye-catcher at the garden gate – just place two shrubs at the entrance area.
  • Water sprinkler with motion detector: Most dogs don't like unexpected wet splashing. If problems with stray dogs persist, invest in a water sprinkler with motion detector. If a walker, rabbit or cat approaches, the movement over the sensor triggers a hard jet of water, which ideally frightens and scares away the uninvited guest.
  • Garden fence: Unfortunately, many small dogs continue to slip through dense hedges and are quickly in the neighbour's garden. It is therefore advisable to surround your own property with a close-meshed fence to keep even small dog breeds away. Always keep the garden door closed and check the construction for holes or other defects that could be used as an entrance.
  • Ultrasonic defense device: Even dogs can be chased away by ultrasonic devices. The movement of the animal triggers the sensors, which in turn activate the defense device. Dogs find the emitted sound and ultrasound waves unpleasant. In addition, the repellent can work with flash to visually impair the dog.
  • Dog repellents: You can purchase special dog repellents for spraying in specialist shops. Some of these sprays, also known as dog scares, have a bitter smell for dogs, while others are intended to remind dogs of wildlife urine, so they instinctively avoid the areas for fear and safety reasons.
Drive away dogs

If home remedies are not a permanent solution, you can use them on specialty dog repulsion products.

This is where IREPELL comes in!

Drive away dogs

Multiple Defensive Strategies & Tactics

In order to trigger the natural flight behaviour of the animals, a combination of different defence methods is always required.

This combination depends on the animal - e.g. dogs, mice, martens or mosquitoes, geographical location and environmental influences such as temperature and humidity.

IREPELL automatically combines these factors and generates the necessary defense methods to successfully expel these attackers and animals.

Realistic imitation of natural enemies

The emission of linear ultrasonic frequencies is not sufficient to mimic natural enemies of the attacker.

This is also the reason why traditional retail devices do not work sufficiently. IREPELL is the solution.

Equipped with 6 high-tech speakers that are controlled via a microchip, IREPELL is able to imitate the natural enemies of 16 animal species 1:1 and 100%. Due to the exact replication of the natural enemies, the animals flee the zone.

360° safety zone

The 360°distribution of all defense methods is the key to a successful defense against animals and insects.

Defense can only be successful if the Attacker is prevented from entering the Protection Zone from any angle.

Unlike any other device on the market, IREPELL offers such a patent pending 360°shield against attacks from unwanted animals and insects.

Drive away dogs

AI-powered, automated customization

IREPELL continuously adapts its defensive tactics as it learns from past deterrents of all devices that are in use globally.

IREPELL also automatically takes its location and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity into account and constantly adapts its defensive tactics.

You do not have to make or optimize any settings yourself, the artificial intelligence of the device makes this completely yourself and completely.

Drive away dogs

More effective with each update

Irepell is a connected device that is continuously and automatically updated.

The latest scientific findings, feedback from users and the data of all IREPELL devices that are in use globally are included in updates and ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the device.

Drive away dogs

Just works

Super easy to install in 3 minutes, even for your grandmother. Everything you need to start your IREPELL device is included in the box, including all brackets and cables. You will also receive detailed setup and installation instructions after installing the IREPELL app

Drive away dogs



How does fighting dogs with IREPELL work?

IREPELL has built in an artificial intelligence that recognizes the area of application and adapts the defense strategy. This way, the dog is really driven out and not killed.

IREPELL is easy to install and very effective.

What is special about fighting dogs with IREPELL?

IREPELL is the only device that has artificial intelligence built in. This recognizes different types and behavior of the pests and adapts the defense strategy.

This way, the dog is really driven out and not killed.

Is dog fighting easy to install with IREPELL?

Yes, installation is easy and fast.

IREPELL is ready for installation including wall bracket and changing station.

What are the advantages of fighting dogs with IREPELL?

Fighting dogs with IREPELL is very effective.

Fighting dogs with IREPELL is easy to install.

Fighting dogs with IREPELL is sustainable, more effective than comparable systems and the dog is driven out and not killed. Irepell is easy to install and very effective.

Is the control with IREPELL CE certified?

Yes, Irepell is CE certified.

Can I order IREPELL in the online shop?

Test IRepell and add the product to the shopping cart to place the order in the online shop. Receive this unique animal repellent along the way. The comparison with conventional means and our tips will convince you.

What service is offered?

The service team is available from Mon-Fri for questions and information.

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