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IREPELL® as a Cat Repellent – Animal-Friendly Cat Deterrent

A stray cat that is constantly mischievous in unfamiliar gardens can get on your nerves despite all its love for animals. Maybe she digs up the flower beds and leaves cat droppings in the garden. This can even make you sick.

IREPELL® is the humane solution for anyone who wants to discreetly and permanently keep a cat away from their property – without the use of chemistry, noise and methods that could harm the cat and the environment.

Ultrasound: animal-friendly and effective cat repellent

Ultrasonic devices use high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans; cats, on the other hand, find them extremely unpleasant. As soon as a cat enters the protected area, it is driven away by these sounds without harming them.

Since the frequencies generated by ultrasound equipment are outside the human hearing range, they do not cause noise pollution. This makes this method particularly suitable for residential areas. And you don't have to worry about possible conflicts with neighbours, which could be provoked by more conspicuous measures. 

Why ultrasound?

  • Human and animal friendly
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Automatic and efficient thanks to motion detectors
  • Unobtrusive cat repellent method

IREPELL® provides discreet protection from unwanted cats without harming them. Since the intelligent animals often find a way to bypass hedges or cat scare plants, the 360° protective shield is the perfect solution to reliably keep them away.


Highly developed cat repellent with no habituation effect – that's why IREPELL ® is worthwhile

Often, there is a kind of habituation effect in cat deterrence. This means that a scarecrow that has proven to be very effective for a period of time quickly loses its effectiveness once the stray cat has figured out the principle.

IREPELL ® uses artificial intelligence to prevent this. The device not only uses ultrasound to keep cats away, but also has motion, temperature and humidity sensors. On this basis, IREPELL ® is constantly optimizing its algorithms.

In addition,IREPELL ® has strobe light, which is used in cat mode, but can also be deactivated via the app. The flashes of light that are generated with it provide an additional fright to the uninvited visitor.

IREPELL ® users enjoy these benefits

IREPELL® offers a state-of-the-art cat repellent solution that is also extremely user-friendly. Thanks to the intuitive app, the device can be set up within a few minutes and positioned on the wall, on the floor or in a protected corner. A single push of a button then activates the 360°protective shield, which can be used to effectively keep cats away.

But IREPELL® can do much more: it can be used against a total of 16 animal species, which you can select yourself via the app. In addition to the mode against cats, there are functions that repel cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, martens, mice, rats, but also dogs and raccoons.

Scientifically based defense strategies have been developed for all these animals, triggering their natural flight instinct.

IREPELL® can be connected to the mains or operated via a powerful battery. This makes it suitable for continuous operation in gardens or indoors as well as for use on the go.

This versatility makes IREPELL® a true all-rounder in the animal-friendly expulsion of predators and pest control.


How does IREPELL® cat repellent work?

IREPELL® uses motion sensors and ultrasound to deter cats. The sound waves generated are perceived as unpleasant by cats, but are not audible to humans. It also uses strobe light to further scare cats without harming them.

Can IREPELL® also be used outdoors?

Yes, theIREPELL ®devices are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How long does it take for IREPELL ® to take effect?

IREPELL® is and remains effective as long as the device is active. It can be used continuously in mains operation or operated via the battery.

Is IREPELL® a humane way to keep cats away?

Yes,IREPELL ® expels cats without harming them, making it a humane and animal-friendly method.

Does IREPELL® only repel cats?

IREPELL® offers many more features against a total of 16 animal species, which can be easily selected in the app. These also include functions for pest control (for example, in mice or rats in the garden) as well as natural and chemical-free mosquito repellent.

How often does IREPELL ® need to be serviced?

IREPELL®devices require minimal maintenance. The powerful battery ensures long operating times, and in mains operation, the device can work continuously. Regular updates continuously improve both the app and the device.

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