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FAQs about iRepell

What is the detection range of the motion sensor?

The detection range of the IREPELL® motion sensor extends 160 degrees around the motion sensor and to a distance of up to 40 feet (12 meters).

Can I use the device in a cold, unheated garage?

Yes, IREPELL® can also be used in unheated rooms such as garages. Frosty temperatures are not a problem.

What is the coverage area of ​​predator sound?

The ultrasonic predator sound is emitted in a 360-degree area around IREPELL®, up to 32 feet (10 meters) away in any direction.

The exact range depends on the selected defense mode: the mosquito mode, for example, reaches a radius of 13 feet (4 meters), while the modes for cats, martens and rats work up to a distance of 32 feet (10 meters). We are also working on a free software update so that the maximum distance can be limited via the IREPELL® app. This means that, for example, pets in the neighborhood will not be disturbed if the IREPELL® coverage area is larger than the area in the garden to be protected.

Will my dog ​​or cat be repelled if the marten protection is active?

No, all defense modes are designed in such a way that they do not affect the hearing of dogs and cats. Only if dogs or cats are selected as the animals to be repelled will IREPELL® deter them because the device then works within the hearing range of the selected animal species.

Will my children hear the ultrasound or other sounds?

No, IREPELL® is designed so that the device cannot be heard by adults or children. The patented ultrasonic predator sound works in a range that is inaudible to humans.

Which modes use the flash?

Currently, the marten and cat modes use the flashlight, but this can be deactivated via the app if desired. It is possible that the flashlight function will be integrated into other defense modes in the future via software updates. However, this depends on the results of further scientific research in order to only use the function where there is evidence of benefit. For example, we have not yet been able to detect any effect of the flashlight on rats.

What battery does IREPELL® use and how long does it last?

We use a self-controlled high-performance lithium-ion battery pack that lasts for several days. IREPELL® also works when plugged into a mains, so there is no need to charge it in between.

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