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Marten Protection: Effective Defense Against Martens with IREPELL®

Every year, martens cause significant damage to vehicles and property, resulting in costs in the millions. Their tendency to bite cables and insulation is a serious problem for vehicle owners and homeowners.

In view of these challenges, it is obvious how urgently effective marten protection solutions are needed, but which do not cause the animal any harm. IREPELL® offers an innovative and scientifically proven answer that is both effective and gentle on animals and the environment.

What is IREPELL®?

IREPELL® is an advanced system recently developed in Austria that permanently stops martens using ultrasound and strobe light. The device is set up and operated via an intuitive app in order to be able to keep other animals away.

Unlike traditional methods of chasing martens, which often use chemicals or force, IREPELL ® works exclusively with acoustic and visual stimuli to chase martens away without harming them. This approach makes IREPELL® a safe choice for pet owners, families and people who do not throw their ethical concerns overboard when it comes to pest control.

Benefits of IREPELL® in Marten Defense

IREPELL® convinces with a number of advantages that distinguish it from other marten protection systems:

  • Environmentally friendly: No harmful chemicals, no fragrances.

  • Safe: Absolutely safe for humans and pets.

  • Easy to use: The system is easy to set up and can be activated at the touch of a button.

  • Animal-friendly: IREPELL® mimics predators and natural disturbing noises and thus scares the intruders, but does not harm them.

Areas of application and area of application of theIREPELL ® system

IREPELL® is versatile and offers protection in various areas:

  • Cars: Effectively protects the engine compartments from marten damage.
  • Living areas: Prevents martens from entering attics and garages.
  • Gardens: Protects gardens from nocturnal intruders.

IREPELL® works against: martens, raccoons, mice, rats, cats, dogs, cockroaches, moths, ants, mosquitoes and ticks.


Installation and use of IREPELL ® as a marten deterrent

The installation of IREPELL® is uncomplicated and can be carried out by laymen without professional help. Detailed instructions will help in the optimal placement and adjustment of the device for the best effect.
Click here for the short instructional video: 


Testimonials and proofs of effectiveness

Numerous positive feedback from satisfied customers as well as scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of IREPELL®. These success stories underline how IREPELL® can solve marten problems sustainably. Learn more here. Link!

Here is a video with a comprehensive test ofIREPELL ® – from commissioning to user impressions. "Test video"

Conclusion: Why IREPELL® is the ideal choice for marten protection

IREPELL® is not only an effective, but also an ethical solution in the fight against marten damage. Catching or poisoning martens, torturing or killing them by electrocution is not an option for us in view of advanced and gentle technological possibilities.

The combination of modern technology and ease of use makes IREPELL ® the ideal choice for anyone looking for long-term and effective protection against martens and other pests without causing them harm. At the same time, they are constantly learning about AI in order to continuously adapt their defense algorithms.

The device can be connected to the mains as well as operated via the battery, so that it offers effective protection against ticks, mosquitoes, ants and the like even when on the move. Rodents also keep IREPELL® away, so you don't have to worry about mice or rats – your property is safe in IREPELL ® 's 360° protection zone.



How effective is IREPELL® against martens?
IREPELL® is very effective and can keep martens away permanently by ultrasound and flash. In the case of stubborn martens, the automatic mode of IREPELL® can also be used, which distributes martens in an animal-friendly manner by quickly changing different defence strategies.

What technologies does IREPELL® use?
IREPELL® uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and strobe lights to deter martens.

How does IREPELL® use AI?
At what intervals will the IREPELL ® app receive updates?
The app receives regular updates to continuously improve functionality and usability.

Does IREPELL® work without an app?
Yes, IREPELL® also works autonomously, but the app expands the control and customization options. The app is required for a one-time activation. Once set, the IREPELL ® hardware runs 24/7 with the mode set. Even if the device is switched off and on again in between.

Where was IREPELL® developed?

IREPELL® was developed in Austria and meets the highest quality standards. Function, design, the technical structure, the highly complex sensors are impressively effective and are constantly being improved.

How long does the IREPELL ® battery last?

The IREPELL ® battery lasts up to several weeks depending on use and is easily rechargeable. IREPELL® can also be operated with a permanent mains connection (via USB-C cable). With the upcoming updates, battery life will increase dramatically.


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