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Ultrasonic Marten Defense: The Ultimate Solution for Pest Control

The marten is an increasing problem. Every year, millions of marten are damaged in Germany. With 214,000 damage reports in 2022 and an average damage amount of EUR 450 per case, the damage reported to insurance companies totalled EUR 96 million.

Ultrasonic Marten Defense technology provides an innovative and effective solution to minimize this damage and protect vehicles and buildings from these nocturnal predators. In garages and carports as well as in other places, such marten protection effectively repels the pests.

We will tell you how this works in this post.


The marten – what you should know about the nocturnal predators

The stone marten, which is widespread in Europe, is particularly known for its nocturnal and territorial behaviour. These animals are skilled climbers and often find shelter inattics and engine rooms of cars.

Martens are feared not only because of their propensity to bite insulation materials and cables, but also because they mark their territories with fragrance marks that can attract more martens. This behavior often leads to repeated and costly damage.

With the knowledge of the behaviour of martens, ways can be found to drive the animals away in a gentle, non-violent and chemical-free way. Thus, ultrasound tones with the right sound pressure are very effective components for the perfect marten fright.


What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound refers to sound waves that are above the hearing limit of the human ear, i.e. above 20 kHz. These frequencies are not audible to humans, but can scare away animals like martens. Ultrasonic marten repellents specifically produce such sounds to disturb the martens' sensitive hearing and effectively keep them away from protected areas.

The advantage of ultrasound lies in its safety and ethical safety, as it does not harm the animals, but only drives them away. Ultrasound is imperceptible to humans.

Ultrasonic device as a marten scare – the basics about marten defense and the habituation effect

Ultrasonic devices are a central component of modern marten defense strategies. These devices (often called marten scarecrows) use high-frequency sounds that are specifically designed to irritate the martens' sensitive hearing and keep them out of theengine compartment or other protected areas.

The key to the effectiveness of these devices lies in their ability to produce sound at different frequencies. This avoids a habituation effect and leaves the martens no chance to adapt to a constant tone.


Marten defense: strategies against the habituation effect

In order to counteract the habituation effect in marten resistance, it is important to rely on a variety of methods and techniques. Martens have the ability to adapt to constant stimuli, which can affect the effectiveness of traditional deterrence methods.

As mentioned, an effective strategy is to regularly switch between different frequencies and sound patterns in order to permanently drive out the martens.

In addition, combining ultrasound with other deterrents such as strobe light can further reduce thehabituation effect. This combined approach increases the effectiveness of the marten defense, as the animals are driven away not only by sounds, but also by flash-like light pulses. The unexpected and varying stimuli make it harder for martens to get used to deterrence, resulting in long-term and reliable marten control.

Areas of application and installation of marten defence with ultrasound

Marten repellent devices can be easily installed in a variety of locations, including vehicles, attics, garages, carports, and even living quarters. The installation usually does not require any special knowledge and can be carried out by anyone.

The devices should be strategically placed to best cover the area to be protected. Typically, ultrasound equipment is installed near potential entry points or areas where martens frequently cause damage.

Ethical marten defense with IREPELL®

IREPELL® offers an ethical and environmentally friendly marten repellent solution with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. Our devices are designed to effectively dispel martens without causing them physical harm. In doing so, we refrain from toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. 

With IREPELL®, you can not only protect your properties, but also respect the welfare of wild animals. Our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable: you make a responsible choice for marten protection, which benefits humans, animals and the environment alike.

IREPELL® offers an innovative solution to prevent marten damage. The device combines ultrasound, motion sensors and flash to ensure an effective and animal-friendly marten defense. Other benefits include:

  • Different defense modes: Targeted settings for different animals, including a special mode for martens.

  • Long range: Protects the entire area around the vehicle with 360° ultrasonic shielding.

  • Easy to use:IREPELL ® is easy to install and can be controlled via a user-friendly app.

IREPELL® is easy to use and can be easily adapted via the app. At the same time, the device is an ideal companion for barbecue parties and other outdoor gatherings – because IREPELL ® can also effectively repel mosquitoes, ants, moths, cockroaches, but also cats, dogs, rats, mice and raccoons. Even rodents keep the device away, proving to be an all-rounder in gentle and ethically justifiable animal defense.



How effective is ultrasonic defence against martens?
Ultrasound can be very effective to deter martens as the sounds are uncomfortable for the animals.

Which marten defense is the best?
A combination of ultrasound and other deterrent methods such as strobe light can be particularly effective in marten defense.

What sounds do martens dislike?
Martens do not like high-frequency sounds, such as those generated by ultrasound devices specifically for defense.

What noise does Marten deter?
Ultrasonic devices and ultrasonic waves can effectively drive martens away because the sounds are uncomfortable for them.

How far do the ultrasound sounds of IREPELL® reach?
The range of IREPELL ® ultrasound devices varies depending on the selected defense mode, but is several meters.

What is the best marten protection?
The best marten protection depends on individual needs and circumstances, but a combination of different deterrence methods is often most effective.

IREPELL® uses a combination of ultrasound and stroboscopic effects to expel the pests in an animal-friendly and non-violent way.

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