People with no worries about unwanted animals have one thing in common, IREPELL.

IREPELL® protects your home from unwanted animals. Let us tell you how we can guarantee that ambitious goal.

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IREPELL® protects your home from unwanted animals.

Multiple defensive methods

It requires a combination of different defense methods to trigger the animals' natural escape behavior. This depends on the animal e.g. mice, martens or mosquitoes, geographical location, environmental influences such as temperature and humidity. IREPELL combines the necessary defense methods for successfully driving away these attackers and animals.

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Imitation of natural enemies

Emitting linear ultrasonic frequencies is not sufficient to imitate the attacker's natural enemies. This is also the reason why conventional retail devices do not work properly. IREPELL is the solution. Equipped with 6 high-tech loudspeakers controlled by a microchip, IREPELL is able to imitate the natural enemies of 16 animal species 1:1 and 100%. By exactly replicating the natural enemies, the animals flee the zone.

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IREPELL® Predator sound protects your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® 360° shield protects your home from unwanted animals.

360° saftey-zone

The 360° distribution of all defense methods is the key to a successful defense against animals and insects. Defense can only be successful if the attacker is prevented from entering the protection zone from any angle. In contrast to all other devices on the market, IREPELL provides such a patent-pending 360° shield against any attacks from unwanted animals and insects.

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KI - based adaption

IREPELL continuously adapts its defense tactics as it learns from past deterrents of all devices that are in use around the world. IREPELL automatically includes its location and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and continuously adapts its defense tactics. You don't have to change or optimize any settings yourself, the artificial intelligence of the device does it completely itself and completely.

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IREPELL® KI-Technology protects your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® Device updates protects your home from unwanted animals.

More effective with every upgrade.

Irepell is a connected device that is continuously and automatically updated. The latest scientific findings, feedback from users and the data from all IREPELL devices that are in use around the world flow into updates and ensure ongoing improvement in the effectiveness of the device

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Just works.

Super easy to setup in 3 minutes, also for your grand mum. Everything you need to get your Irepell device up and running fast is in the box, including all mounts and cables. You also get clearly animated setup and installation instructions after installing the Irepell App.

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IREPELL® One-click to protect your home from unwanted animals.
IREPELL® Reliable and successful animal repellation at the touch of a button.