• Sensor-based AI

    Light, temperature, and humidity are recorded in real-time. IREPELL® incorporates this information into its defense strategies, continuously improving them thanks to AI.

  • Motion Detector

    IREPELL® detects intruders even in complete darkness and starts the defense mechanism immediately as soon as they enter its detection range.

  • 360° protection zone

    Thanks to ultrasonic predator sound and strobe light, IREPELL® establishes a 360° protection zone from which it effectively drives away unwanted animals.

  • Touch Activation

    With just the push of a button, you can activate IREPELL® protection on an area of up to 250 m².

  • IREPELL® app and OTA updates

    Via the IREPELL® app, you can conveniently choose between 8 different defense modes. And with automatic over-the-air (OTA) updates, you'll benefit from scientific insights and the successes of IREPELL® devices worldwide.

  • Easy to assemble

    Thanks to the included mounting aid, you can safely attach IREPELL® to the wall – or simply place it in a suitable spot. The device works both in mains mode and via the built-in battery, so it can also be used on the go.

Which animals are repelled

IREPELL® can effectively repel a total of 16 animal species. Mosquitoes, moths, and cockroaches are repelled within a radius of 8 meters. Ants, martens, rats, mice, cats, and raccoons are kept away within a radius of 16 meters. You can either configure IREPELL® to repel a single animal species or easily repel all 16 species in automatic mode.


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Repel ticks

IREPELL® can expel ticks in a 360° radius. This will keep you protected from the bites of these animals within a radius of about 4 meters.

Fighting ants

Don't let ants bother you! IREPELL® keeps the crawling creatures away within a radius of about 4 meters.

Repelling martens

Whether garage, carport, or attic: IREPELL® offers 360° protection with a radius of about 10 meters, from which the device drives away martens.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, IREPELL® repels a total of 16 animal species simultaneously. The effective radius depends on the animal species and ranges from approximately 4 to 10 meters.

Keep rodents away

Rats and mice are reliably kept away with IREPELL® – within a radius of about 10 meters around the device.

Repel cats

IREPELL® reliably keeps unwanted cats away. The 360° safety zone against cats reaches a radius of about 10 meters in all directions.

Repel mosquitoes

IREPELL® offers all-round protection against mosquitoes! Within a radius of about 4 meters around the device, the pests have no chance.

Repel mosquitoes and midges

Repelling mosquitoes and midges is a mammoth task, especially in the evening hours and near standing water. These pests are all too happy to join in and make their presence known with itchy bites.

While mosquito nets are often unsightly and mosquito sprays can ruin your appetite, IREPELL® offers a natural solution. Completely chemical-free, odorless, and silent, it keeps mosquitoes and midges at a safe distance. And thanks to the powerful battery, it also works on the go.

Keep cats away

With cat droppings in the garden—be it in the vegetable patch or the children's sandbox—the question quickly arises: how can you keep stray cats away in an animal-friendly manner? After all, it is also about preserving neighborly peace while protecting your own open spaces from unwanted visitors before they do their business.

IREPELL® uses ultrasound to keep cats away from your property. The compact device is silent for humans and can be placed anywhere in the garden to drive away cats in a gentle yet effective manner.

Repel dogs

When it comes to repelling dogs, two worldviews collide. While man's best friend is highly valued by animal lovers, it triggers fear or even panic in many people – especially when the dog is off-leash. Additionally, dug-up garden beds, chewed garden shoes, and dog droppings in the yard can lead to conflicts.

IREPELL® can help you avoid such situations in an animal-friendly way. The 360° safety zone allows you to create clear boundaries between yourself and free-roaming dogs without harming the animals.

Fend off ticks

Fending off ticks is an annoying topic, because the little bloodsuckers can hide in various places in the garden and lie in wait for their victims – whether they are sunbathing, playing children, or pets. Particularly problematic: Once a tick has bitten, it can transmit a variety of diseases.

So that it doesn't get that far, you can protect the terrace and garden from ticks completely chemical-free with IREPELL®. Using ultrasound, the device mimics natural predators of ticks to effectively and sustainably keep them away.

Repel cockroaches

Keeping cockroaches and roaches away is especially important where food is stored or prepared, because they are magically attracted to it. They can therefore be found in private kitchens and pantries as well as in professional gastronomy, where they pose not only hygienic risks but also operational hazards.

Precisely because these areas are so sensitive, one does not want to resort to poison or other chemical means for pest control. Instead, IREPELL® offers a reliable and sustainable solution to drive cockroaches out of your interiors.

Fighting ants

Fighting ants often seems like a never-ending task, because both outdoors and indoors, these intruders keep popping up. A single ant quickly becomes a whole trail that runs through the apartment or ruins the picnic in the park.

IREPELL®, unlike ant poison, offers a chemical-free and ethical solution to drive ants out of your home, garden, and lawn. Using ultrasound, the device mimics their natural predators to effectively get rid of ants and prevent the next ant infestation.

Get rid of moths

Getting rid of moths is not so easy once they have settled in. Both clothing and food moths are extremely stubborn pests that tirelessly eat their way through the pantry or wardrobe.

Developed on a scientific basis, IREPELL® can reliably control and keep moths away to prevent re-infestation. IREPELL® works with ultrasound and is inaudible to humans, so it can also be easily placed in the bedroom as a chemical-free moth repellent.

Driving out martens

Whether in the attic, garage, carport or in the outdoor parking lot: How can you reliably drive martens away? Especially on the car, marten damage can quickly become expensive, so that there is an acute need for action at the latest in the event of marten tracks on the car.

IREPELL® is a reliable and non-violent marten protection: the device combines ultrasound with extremely bright strobe light to effectively and sustainably drive martens away. In addition, you can use the associated app to get an overview of whether a marten actually roamed around near the device last night.

Keep mice & rats away

There are a variety of solutions on the market to keep mice and rats away from indoor spaces such as basements, garages, and warehouses, but also from garbage containers. The problem with many of these offers is that they inflict suffering on the animals and cause them to die in agony.

In order to offer you a clean, chemical-free, and non-violent solution against rats and mice, IREPELL ® has been equipped with a variety of sensors, ultrasonic speakers, and strobe light. The combination of these features allows you to effectively keep unpleasant rodents away and maintain hygiene in your indoor spaces.

Where can I use IREPELL®?

IREPELL® can not only be used against a variety of animal species, but also in a wide variety of places. The device can be mounted on the wall as well as placed in a suitable location. It works in mains mode as well as via the powerful battery, so you do not have to do without the protection of IREPELL® on the go.

  • House

    Whether in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom: IREPELL® can be used in various places in the house and apartment – chemical-free, odourless, and inaudible to humans.

  • Garden

    With IREPELL®, you can keep your garden free from a variety of insects. It also shows stray dogs and cats their boundaries in an animal-friendly way.

  • Terrace

    Drive mosquitoes, ants, and more from your terrace! With IREPELL®, nothing stands in the way of undisturbed outdoor relaxation.

  • Basement

    With IREPELL®, you can protect your cellar from pests such as rats, mice, and vermin. You can rely on clean and ethically justifiable pest control.

  • Attic

    With IREPELL® you can drive unwanted visitors from your attic. Whether it's clothes moths or martens – the 360° security zone protects against a wide range of intruders.

  • Pool

    Relax undisturbed by the pool or in the swimming pool! Thanks to ultrasound, you remain completely unaffected by IREPELL®, while ticks, ants, and mosquitoes are kept away.

  • Garage

    Protect your garage and car from damage and dirt caused by unwanted animals – with ultrasonic predator sound and strobe light at every detected intruder.

  • Carport

    Sleep peacefully while IREPELL® protects your car from wild animals. And in the morning, you can get an idea of the nighttime activities in the app.

  • Storage

    Keep your storage space free of rodents and insects: IREPELL® provides a clean and effective solution to keep pests away.

  • Bedroom

    Do you want to sleep with an open window without having to be afraid of moths, mosquitoes, and the like? IREPELL® keeps such creatures away – without fragrances, noise, or chemicals.

  • Wardrobe

    IREPELL® repels clothes moths from cupboards and dressing rooms without using fragrances or chemical additives.

  • Pantry

    Keep your food supplies free of vermin of all kinds! IREPELL® repels cockroaches, ants, and rodents for you without violence or chemicals.

IREPELL® in the test