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Fight Rats with Ultrasound: Discover IREPELL®'s Revolutionary Solution

Rats are not only annoying pests, but also potential disease carriers. Conventional methods of controlling rats, such as rat poison and rat traps, are often ineffective or dangerous for pets and children.

An innovative and animal-friendly alternative is the use of ultrasound equipment. In this article, you will therefore learn how ultrasound works against rats, the advantages of this method and how to use an ultrasound device effectively.

How does ultrasound work for pest control?

Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans and most pets, but extremely uncomfortable to rats and other rodents. These ultrasonic waves interfere with the animals' orientation and communication, driving them away and avoiding the affected area. 

Advantages of ultrasound equipment

  • Environmentally friendly: No chemicals or toxins required.

  • Safe for humans and pets: No risk of poisoning or injury.

  • Easy installation and handling: Ultrasonic devices are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

  • Noise-free: Ultrasound is imperceptible to humans.

  • Long-term solution: The continuous emission of varying ultrasound frequencies prevents a habituation effect in the animals.

Disadvantage of ultrasound equipment

  • Power connection or battery is required

  • The effect of the method cannot be measured by a number of carcasses or trapped animals, as is possible with poison or traps, for example. Ultrasound works discreetly and gradually horrifies the annoying rodents without catching or killing them.

Areas of application of ultrasound equipment

Ultrasonic devices can be used both indoors and outdoors to expel rats and other pests such as martens and mice. Here are some examples:


  • Living room and kitchens: Place the ultrasound near food sources to keep rats away.

  • Basements and attics: These areas often provide ideal nesting places for rats. Ultrasonic waves can help make these retreats unattractive.


  • Gardens and terraces: Use weatherproof ultrasound equipment to keep rats and other rodents away from your garden.

  • Garages and sheds: Place the device in areas where rats may seek shelter.

Tips for effective use of ultrasound equipment

For best results, consider some tips on how to place and use ultrasound equipment.

Place the ultrasound device near known paths and food sources of the rats. Also make sure that no obstructions block the propagation of the sound waves.

Run the unit continuously for a lasting effect. Regularly check the function of the device and clean it if necessary.

Ultrasound vs. Conventional Methods of Rat Control

Ultrasonic devices offer many advantages over conventional methods such as rat poison and rat traps, which can be associated with some problems.

Disadvantages of rat poison
  • Danger to children and pets: Rat poison can be inadvertently ingested by children or pets.

  • Environmental pollution: Chemical toxins can pollute the environment and also harm other animals.

  • Slow action: It can take several days for the venom to take effect, while the rats continue to cause damage.

Disadvantages of rat traps
  • Cruel method: Rat traps can hurt or kill the animals, which raises ethical concerns for many people.

  • Constant control necessary: Traps must be checked and emptied regularly, which is time-consuming.

Advantages of ultrasound equipment
  • Humane and animal-friendly: drives the animals away without injuring or killing them.

  • Low maintenance: Only minimal effort is required after installation.

  • Immediate effect: The sound waves act immediately and keep the animals away permanently.

Eject rats with ultrasound – thanks to IREPELL®

IREPELL® offers an innovative solution for the animal-friendly distribution of rats . The device uses motion sensors and ultrasound in the rat defense to expel the animals without chemicals, noise, fragrances or violence. Its defence strategy is based on the latest scientific findings and is constantly being further optimised.

Contributing to this are, among other things, temperature and humidity sensors and artificial intelligence, through which the device constantly learns during operation and optimizes its strategies independently. And not just against rats.

Because IREPELL® can be used against a variety of animals, including ants, ticks, moths and cockroaches, but also mice and martens. You can determine which animal should be repelled yourself via the intuitive app. The handy device is then activated with a single push of a button – the 360° protective shield is already active.

In addition,IREPELL ® can be used in mains and battery operation. Thanks to IREPELL ®, nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed barbecue evening, picnic or garden party for animal-friendly pest control.


How do ultrasonic pest control devices work?

Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are unpleasant for rats and other rodents and drive them away.

Are ultrasound devices safe for pets?

Yes, the sound waves are inaudible to most pets such as dogs and cats and therefore harmless.

Can I use ultrasound equipment outdoors?

Yes, there are special weatherproof models that are suitable for outdoor use.

How long does it take for ultrasound devices to work?

Ultrasonic devices act immediately as soon as they are switched on. As long as they remain switched on, their effect will also be maintained.

Is there a habituation effect in rats?

Yes, habituation effect may be observed in rats. To prevent this, some ultrasound devices use changing frequencies.

Are ultrasound devices a humane method of pest control?

Yes, ultrasound devices drive the animals away without harming them, which makes them a humane and animal-friendly method.

How often do I have to service the device?

IREPELL ® ultrasound equipment is designed to be low maintenance. The powerful battery is designed for a particularly long service life. If, on the other hand, you use IREPELL ® in mains operation, you can let the device run smoothly.

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