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Marten Damage: Easily Prevent Marten Bites in Your Car

Marten damage to vehicles can not only be frustrating, but can also incur significantrepair costs. Especially in Germany and Austria, where the stone marten is widespread, many motorists suffer from the consequences of nocturnal marten visits. This is because the predators can cause significant damage to the engine compartment by biting through cables, hoses and insulating materials.

In this article, we offer you a comprehensive guide on how to prevent animal bites by martens and the resulting high costs. In addition, we come to modern ultrasound equipment such as IREPELL ®, which dispels martens in an animal-friendly way – odourless, chemical-free and non-violent.

The marten – what you should know about the nocturnal predators

Martens are nocturnal predators, best known for their climbing skills and ability to adapt to different habitats. Accordingly, martens can be found in forests as well as in rural areas and even cities.

Because martens are so-called cultural followers: they benefit from the changes that humans make in the environment. As a result, he even seeks his closeness and likes to roam around in cultural landscapes.

Martens mainly eat small mammals, birds and insects, but also fruits and so much more that they find in waste, for example. In addition, they often hide in garages, in attics or in the engine compartment of cars, where they can cause great damage with their sharp teeth. In order to be able to drive them away effectively and yet in a way that is gentle on animals, they need both an understanding of their behaviour and effective preventive and displacement strategies.


Why is Marten attracted to the engine compartment?

Martens look for warmth and shelter in the engine compartment, especially in the colder season. Because martens are cave dwellers: the engine compartment is therefore only too tempting. Practically a heated cave that offers a lot of protection and is also pre-heated. 

In addition, they are attracted by the smells left byother martens. Become aggressive and bite into cables and hoses.


Marten damage to the car

Marten damage is more than just a minor annoyance: it can seriously affect the way your car works and lead to costly repairs. Furthermore, not everycar insurance company pays for damages of this kind.

Commonly affected parts are:

  • Rubber Sleeves: These protect moving parts such as axle joints and can easily be damaged

    bymarten bites.
  • Cooling water hoses: Holes and cracks may cause coolant leakage, which may result in engine overheating.

  • Vacuum hoses: Damage here can lead to loss of power and engine problems.

  • Damage to insulation mats: Apart from noise pollution, this can also affect the condition of theengine compartment.

TIP: When checking the oil level or the cooling water level or carrying out anengine wash, pay attention to traces that indicate a marten. Footprints, fur balls or hair, but also bite marks or direct damage such as corroded insulation are clear indications that they should deal with the defense against martens to avoid greater damage.

Keep martens away from the car - these methods for preventing marten damage exist


To effectively prevent marten damage, there are several methods ranging from simple home remedies to advanced technological solutions:

  • Odor repellent: Use of strong-smelling objects such as dog hair, mothballs, vinegar or toilet stones, mothballs that serve as natural repellents.

  • Wire mesh as a blockage: A physical barrier protection that blocks access to sensitive areas under the car.

  • Cable protection: Protection by special sheaths made of hard plastic that are resistant tomarten bites.
  • Engine wash: Regularly clean the engine compartment to remove scent marks.
  • Light and motion detector: use of light sources and motion sensors to deter martens.

  • Electric shocks and electric shock devices: Installation of small devices that trigger light shocks to dispel martens.

  • Ultrasound: use of ultrasound equipment that emits unpleasant frequencies for martens.

TIP: In order to prevent high costs due to damage caused by martens, you should definitely think aboutmarten protection at an early stage! The marten, especially the stone marten, can be found wherever humans have settled.

Prevent marten damage with IREPELL®

IREPELL® offers an innovative solution to prevent marten damage in an animal-friendly way. The device combines ultrasound, motion sensors and flash to ensure an effective and gentlemarten defense. Other benefits of IREPELL ® include:

  • Different defense modes: Targeted settings for different animals, including a special mode for martens.

  • Long range: Protects the entire area around the vehicle with a 360°shield using ultrasound.

  • Easy to use:IREPELL ® is easy to install and can be controlled via a user-friendly app.

IREPELL® can be used in both mains and battery operation. This makes it perfect as a companion for the next outdoor meeting to keep ticks, mosquitoes, ants and the like away.

In addition, IREPELL® also sells rodents such as mice and rats, so that the innovative smart device offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of pests.



Is marten damage paid for by the insurance company?

Partial casco insurance often covers the costs of marten damage, but a deductible may be required.

How does marten damage manifest itself?

Typical signs are broken cables, leaking liquids and damaged insulation materials.

What damage can a marten cause?

Martens can damage ignition cables, hoses, insulation mats and other rubber parts, which can lead to considerableconsequential costs.

Can you still drive with marten damage?

It depends on the extent of the damage. Under certain circumstances, minor damage can be repaired at short notice, but driving is not recommended, especially in the event of major damage.

What does a marten do to the car?

Martens usually cause damage to ignition cables, cooling and brake hoses, and electrical lines.

What exactly are martens looking for in theengine compartment?

Martens look for protection and material for their nesting in the engine compartment. In addition, they are attracted to fragrance brands of other martens.

Can martens be kept away from the car?

Yes, preventive measures such as ultrasonic protection, mechanical barriers and regular engine cleaning can effectively keep martens away.

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