IREPELL® – Smarte und ethische Schädlingsbekämpfung

Smart and ethical pest control

IREPELL® simply triggers the natural escape instinct of predators, rodents, and insects. No animal is injured or killed – you just set a clear boundary.

Through the combination of various sensors, six ultrasonic speakers, and visual effects, the natural predators of the respective animal are imitated. IREPELL® works exclusively with ultrasound for pest control, making it silent, odorless, and free of any chemicals for humans.

Via an intuitive app, you can control IREPELL® and select the animal species to be repelled.

How does IREPELL® work?

Ultrasonic sound

Ultrasonic Predator Sound

6 speakers in the frequency range between 0 and 200 kHz provide a 100% authentic ultrasonic predator sound and natural animal repulsion.

Strobe light

IREPELL® supports repelling light-sensitive animals with extremely bright flashes of light.

Safety zone

360° Shield

Through the interplay of different defense mechanisms, IREPELL® reliably ensures clear conditions over an area of up to 250 m².

Which animals are repelled?

IREPELL® is effective against 16 different types of predators, rodents, insects, and other pests. You can either select a single animal species to be repelled or keep all repelled animal species at a distance in automatic mode.


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Fend off ticks

IREPELL® can expel ticks in a 360° radius. This will keep you protected from the bites of these animals within a radius of about 4 meters.

Combating ants

Don't be bothered by ants! IREPELL® keeps the crawling pests at bay within a radius of about 4 meters.

Repel martens

Whether it's a garage, carport, or attic: IREPELL® offers 360° protection with a radius of about 10 meters, effectively driving out martens.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, IREPELL® repels up to 16 animal species simultaneously. The radius of effect depends on the type of animal and ranges from approximately 4 to 10 meters.

Keep rodents away

Rats and mice are reliably kept away with IREPELL® – within a radius of about 10 meters around the device.

Fend off cats

IREPELL® reliably keeps unwanted cats away. The 360° safety zone against cats reaches a radius of about 10 meters in all directions.

Repel mosquitoes

IREPELL® offers all-round protection against mosquitoes! Within a radius of about 4 meters around the device, the pests have no chance.

Fight pests in three easy steps

Three, two, one – activated

Charge IREPELL® and activate it at the touch of a button.

IREPELL® works both in mains operation and via the built-in battery. This reaches a runtime of several hours – depending on which sensors are activated.

Before switching on for the first time, the device should be charged at the socket. IREPELL® can then be activated with a simple push of a button.

Install the IREPELL® App and connect via Bluetooth.

The IREPELL® app is available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This makes the app compatible with most common smartphones, where it is provided with regular updates.

You can use the app to determine which animal species should be repelled with IREPELL®. You can also keep track of what times the device detected an intruder to learn more about your uninvited visitors.

Place IREPELL® on site and relax.

IREPELL® can be easily mounted thanks to the supplied wall bracket, but can also be easily placed in a suitable spot and activated. Thanks to the built-in battery, the device is wireless and can therefore also be used on the go.

IREPELL® is also ideal as a companion for holidays and outdoor gatherings – from barbecue parties to birthday celebrations to a relaxing afternoon by the pool or in the garden.

What customers say about IREPELL®

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