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Dispel Martens Promptly and Effectively with IREPELL®

The solution is finally here! Dispel martens quickly, firmly and promptly - with IREPELL

  1. Martens can wreak havoc on homes and cars. They eat cables under the hood or destroy the insulation.
  2. Driving martens away is therefore important to avoid this damage.
  3. Damage to cars and houses is an ever-increasing problem. Martens destroy cables, insulation and other materials. There are different methods to drive out martens, but most only work in the long run.
  4. A marten can cause serious damage to your house and car. Typical marten damage to the car is corroded cables under the hood. In particular, cars that are parked late in the evening after a drive attract the marten with their still warm engine room. The damage caused by a marten in the house can be significantly greater. 

Attics are popular places for stone martens to stay. There they look for a warm place where they can sleep undisturbed during the day, because martens are nocturnal. In doing so, they destroy the insulation and preferably place a latrine in one place, from which an extremely unpleasant smell then emanates.

In the worst case, the marten's urine can saturate wooden ceilings, damaging them so badly that they need to be replaced. In addition, the marten tends to carry its prey to its camp, which then rots in your attic with strong odor.  Martens can cause significant damage and very high costs. At the same time, martens leave behind unhygienic excreta, which can lead to strong odour formation and transmit diseases. Once you have a marten in the roof truss or on your property, it is difficult to get rid of it.

Marder vertreiben
Drive out martens


IREPELL is a marten scare that expels martens naturally with ultrasound. Ultrasonic waves are completely harmless to humans and pets, but martens have sensitive hearing and are very sensitive to high-pitched sounds. Martens are scared by the ultrasound and look for another home.

IREPELL is the marten defense that drives martens away quickly and sustainably! Convince yourself of IREPELL at the best value for money.

Dispel martens sustainably and safely with IREPELL! Your marten defense at a fair price!



Simple home remedies

Evict martens, but how?

Various home remedies have a long tradition of chasing away a marten. However, if you want to use these, you should allow for some time, because the marten only leaves your house if it feels continuously disturbed for a long time.

  • Light and loud music in its place disturb the marten in his night's sleep and can make him grim in the long term.
  • Martens don't like metallic noises . A frequently ringing bell alarm clock can therefore drive away the marten.
  • Martens are sensitive to odours, especially dog hair and animal urine, as well as toilet blocks.
  • Perfume-soaked wipes interfere with the marten's delicate nose.
  • If you regularly enter the attic yourself and move loudly or move furniture and boxes, the marten will feel disturbed.
  • Dog hair under the bonnet should make the shelter uncomfortable and protect your car from marten bites.

Do not rely on home remedies,but start now to drive away the marten with our IREPELL Smart Device

Not only an ultrasonic frequency is emitted to expel the marten. The optimization of this system has been applied to all marten species.

IREPELL is the only device on earth that has an intelligence built in to detect the area of application That means in the world we have 60 marten subspecies with different behavior. Based on our built-in AI, the defense strategy will be adjusted. The device not only emits an ultrasound frequency to ward off the marten. No, there are endless variations on the different types of martens.


IREPELL is safe for humans and animals.

With IREPELL you can finally relax and marten problems are a thing of the past!


How can I drive a marten away?

With IREPELL AI-based animal repellent, this successfully and sustainably repels the annoying pest marten for you.

I live in the city. Do I still have to expect marten damage?

Yes. Martens not only live in the countryside, but now also in cities, parks, small forests. Although the danger in the countryside, i.e. in villages or small towns, is somewhat greater, damage to vehicles or the attic from these pests can still occur in the city.

Why do I have to drive the marten away? I can just kill him, can't I?

No. Killing or poisoning martens is prohibited by law. Anyone who does so will be liable to prosecution! Therefore, keep your hands off rat poison and the like!

Are there martens in an underground car park?

Yes. Martens are not afraid of garages, warehouses – nor of underground garages. The animals are very curious and find a way if they absolutely want to get to an (unprotected) place. You should therefore also be careful when parking your car in an underground car park and take protective measures if a marten is suspected.

How do I know if a marten lives with us?

You will probably have heard noises in the attic before. This is paired with an unpleasant smell of the remains of these pests such as carrion and feces. You can see this on the car, for example, from paw prints and seized cables and insulation mats.


Marder vertreiben
Drive out martens


Why do I have to drive the marten away? I can just kill him, can't I?

No. Killing or poisoning martens is prohibited by law. Anyone who does so will be liable to prosecution!

Therefore, keep your hands off rat poison and Co.

Who is behind IREPELL

IREPELL was developed in Austria and works with scientific experts around the world.

Our features

  1. app including
  2. timer, as martens usually only work at night.
  3. Built-in light, motion and temperature sensor combined with your current location
  4. 360-degree sound: We baked in a patent-pending 360-degree wave shield to cover a wide area against the enemy
  5. Strong in terms of battery power and 5 sound ultrasonic range + and normal sound for human sound + we have built in an ultra high power led emitter.
  6. Detects 60 different species of martens
  7. All in all, IREPELL with its AI intelligence is 6x better than comparable products


Our conclusion:

Martens can cause serious damage!

There are different methods to drive out martens!

IREPELL is an effective and safe way to get rid of martens!

With AI-based pest control, you can definitely solve your Mader problem!

Our service team is available from Monday to Friday for questions about the product but also about pests.

Marder vertreiben
Drive out martens


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