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Marten Scare: Repel Martens Easily and Effectively!

Are you looking for a marten scare to effectively fight martens? This is understandable, because martens are as fascinating as they are feared – especially when it comes to the parked car. For this reason, a wide variety of measures are taken to keep the garage and carport marten-free.

This post will show you why traditional home remedies are often not enough and how technological solutions are revolutionizing marten resistance. Discover how to effectively prevent marten damage with modern marten protection methods such as IREPELL ® ultrasonic marten protection, free of odours, chemicals and violence. 

The marten – what to know about the nocturnal predator

The marten – including the stone marten that is widespread in Europe – is a nocturnal predator that can be found in a wide variety of habitats. It is encountered both in the forest and in rural and even urban environments. Because of his climbing skills and great adaptability, he can adapt to a wide variety of conditions.

It is not for nothing that the marten is one of the so-called cultural followers. These are the animals that benefit from the man-made changes in the environment. This goes so far that they even follow humans into densely populated areas. They do not stop at forests, fields, meadows and traffic routes.

The marten is an omnivore that feeds primarily on small mammals, birds and insects. But fruits and all kinds of food leftovers from the garbage can are also on his menu.

With their teeth, martens often cause damage to parked cars, garages or attics, which can lead to high repair costs. Because they like to bite cables, claddings and more.

The background: Martens like to build nests, and protected places such as engine rooms are ideal for this. Likewise, predators play an important role in ecosystems, for example in pest control. This makes it all the more important to use gentle methods to keep martens away from places where there is no room for them.


Why you should not rely on home remedies for marten resistance

Many traditional home remedies for martens often show only a short-term effect and lead to a habituation effect in the animals. Here are some examples:

  • Smells and fragrance marks: Martens can get used to smells like those fromfragrance mark removers and ultimately ignore them.

  • Light & Light Effects: A simple flash is effective initially, but quickly loses its deterrent power as the animal gets used to it.

  • Electric shocks (e.g. via pasture fence or contact plates): Although these can be effective, they are not animal-friendly and can pose risks to other animals and people.

High-frequency tones in the ultrasonic range are a humane and effective method of defending against martens, as martens find it difficult to adapt to them. But here, too, it is not easy for a marten, because a constant tone can also only keep martens away for a while.


Marten fright – keep martens away from the attic and garage thanks to novel marten protection

The use of marten scare devices, especially in the engine compartment of your car or in the carport, can prevent damage caused by marten bites to ignition cables and insulation.

However, you should not underestimate the clever animals. Because they quickly get used to different stimuli that should keep them away, so an effective marten scare should focus on diversity in the defense strategies.

For this purpose, it is advisable, for example, to use ultrasonic devices that change the frequency regularly. This prevents a habituation effect on the marten and the marten fright remains permanently effective.

It is also possible to combine acoustic and visual stimuli – for example, by emitting ultrasound as well as flashes of light from a marten fright.



Gentle marten deterrent – ultrasonicmarten defense with IREPELL®

IREPELL® has developed a smart device that can be used to keep martens away in an animal-friendly but effective way. It combines motion sensors with ultrasound and strobe light to erect a 360° shield against martens.

The devices can be operated both via the battery and connected to the mains. They are easy to install and ideal for use in car, house, garage, attic and garden.

In addition,IREPELL ® also works against other pests – including raccoons, rodents such as rats and mice, but also against mosquitoes, cockroaches and ticks. The device also gently keeps stray cats and dogs away.

With AI, IREPELL® becomes smarter with every successful marten defense, because the device learns by means of temperature and humidity sensors when a marten is best distributed. This way, your belongings are protected from martens and other pests in an ethically justifiable way.




What helps against marten damage in the car?
An ultrasonic marten scare device is an effective solution to keep martens permanently away from the car.

How does the IREPELL ®Martenschreck work?
IREPELL® uses a combination of high-frequency tones and flash to safely and effectively deter martens.

Which marten fright really helps?
Devices that work on an ultrasonic basis are considered particularly effective because they activate the martens' natural escape behaviour.

What do martens dislike?
Martens do not like unfamiliar, high ultrasound tones and bright flashes of light.

How safely do high-frequency marten terrors work for pets?
The frequencies used by IREPELL ® are specifically set to be safe for pets. Unless you select the appropriate animal in the app or use the random mode.

Where do you place a marten scarecrow?
Ideal is to place a marten scarecrow near potential entrances or directly in the area you want to protect, such as in the carport, garage, garden or attic.

When are martens particularly active?
Martens are primarily nocturnal predators. Their activity is particularly high in the early hours of the night, and their mobility increases during the mating season in spring.

What about cars does Marder attract?
Martens are attracted to the warmth and hidden corners in theengine compartment. There they often cause considerable damage by using car batteries and ignition cables as nesting material, nibbling on them and thereby causing considerable damage.

How can you avoid expensive marten damage to the car?
By using marten repellents that use high voltage or ultrasonic tones, you can effectively prevent martens from using yourengine compartment as a shelter.
These devices consume minimal power and can be connected directly to the
car battery or an external power supply. However, especially with devices that produce electric shocks, there are ethical concerns, so that ultrasound devices are often preferred.

How effective is ultrasound as a deterrent against martens?
Ultrasonic devices are particularly widespread in Germany, where marten damage is a known problem. These devices use high-frequency tones in the ultrasonic range, which martens find extremely unpleasant and effective in marten defense.
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