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Home Remedies for Martens: What Really Works

Martens are a nuisance for many homeowners. These animals can cause significant damage to the building and engine compartment, and even transmit disease. Shredded roof insulation, burst ignition cables are classic marten damage.

In this article, we will look at different home remedies for martens and find out which of them actually help. In addition to simple home remedies - as well as established technologies such as ultrasound as a marten scare, which can effectively prevent marten damage or consequential damage.

Why are martens a problem?

Martens, especially stone martens, are especially active at night and can make unpleasant noises that interfere with sleep. In addition, they have sharp teeth and can damage cables, insulation and wooden structures. A marten bite on cables can lead to expensive repairs and even dangerous short circuits. Martens can also transmit diseases such as rabies, which is another risk.

Another problem with martens is their tendency to hide in cars. This can cause significant damage to vehicles as the animals can bite through cables and hoses. Damage to the car battery and other vehicle components can cause significant costs. In addition, martens often leave feces and urine in the vehicles, which not only smells unpleasant, but also carries health risks.

The presence of martens in residential areas can also have an environmental impact, as they sometimes attack and eat small pets. This can lead to an imbalance in the local animal population and disrupt the natural food chain. Therefore, it is important to take measures to keep martens away and minimize potential damage.

If they're not sure if you have a marten problem, examine their garage, car or attic or barn for dirt or marten tracks.

Common Home Remedies for Marten Resistance

There are a variety of simple home remedies that supposedly help keep martens away. A popular remedy is the use of fragrances such as peppermint oil or vinegar. These are intended to deter the marten. Other effective home remedies include:

  • Cat hair: The smell of cat hair is said to deter martens, as cats are natural enemies of martens.
  • Toilet stones and mothballs: These products emit unpleasant odours that can drive martens away.
  • Light and noise: Setting up bright lights in the garden or playing loud music can drive martens away.
  • Dog hair: The smell of dogs can also act as a deterrent.
  • Fragrance tokens: Some homeowners use fragrance tokens from predators to keep martens away.

An additional means that can be used for marten defense is the use of ultrasound equipment. These devices emit inaudible sounds for humans, but are intended to disturb and drive away martens. They can be placed both in the house and in the garden to keep out unwanted visitors.

Furthermore, installing special marten repellent nets at potential entry points such as gutters or vents can be effective. These nets are designed to prevent martens from accessing certain areas without harming other animals or the functionality of the building.

Marten defence through structural measures

In addition to home remedies, there are also structural measures that can prevent martens from entering the building:

  • Sealing of loopholes: Use wire mesh and wire mesh to close possible entry points.
  • Marten protection in the engine compartment: Install marten protection mats and perform regular engine washing to remove the marten odor.
  • Marten protection nets, marten grids: These can be attached to potential entry points such as gutters or vents.
  • Motion sensors and cameras: These can help to detect the presence of martens at an early stage.

It is important that these structural measures are carried out carefully so that martens do not find new ways to enter the house.

When choosing the right materials for the structural measures, it is advisable to rely on robust and durable products. For example, wire grilles should be made of stainless steel to withstand the weather and provide a long-term solution.

In addition to installing cameras or motion sensors, the installation of ultrasound equipment may also be considered to deter martens. These devices emit inaudible sounds for humans, but they are unpleasant for martens and can therefore keep them away.

Why home remedies are often not enough

Although home remedies may sound promising at first, they often have only a limited effect. Martens are intelligent animals that can quickly get used to new sounds and smells. This means that they may get used to the repellent odorants or learn to bypass the obstacle in the attic. If home remedies do not provide a permanent solution, professional methods should be considered.

It is important to understand that martens can not only be annoying, but can also cause serious damage to your property. Your sharp teeth and claws can damage roof insulation, bite through cables, and even cause fire. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional help early to avoid major damage.

Professional pest controllers have the expertise and equipment to effectively dispel martens and keep out future intruders. You can do a thorough inspection to identify potential entry points and take appropriate action to make your home marten-proof.

Ultrasound for marten defence

An effective method of defending against martens is the use of ultrasound equipment. These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are not audible to humans, but can be very uncomfortable for martens. The ultrasound can cause the animals to leave the area and seek a new shelter. However, it is important to place the ultrasound devices correctly in order to achieve an optimal effect.

When placing the ultrasound devices for marten defense, care should be taken to ensure that they are installed in an area where the martens are often located. This can be near garages, attics, or under stacks of wood, for example. The targeted placement of the devices ensures that the ultrasound effectively drives the martens away and does not simply displace them into another area of the property.

In addition to the use of ultrasound equipment to repel martens, other measures can also be taken to prevent the animals from entering. This includes closing potential entry holes, removing food sources, and setting up marten traps. By combining several methods, the effectiveness of the marten defense can be increased and the risk of damage from the animals can be reduced.

IREPELL - The effective solution against martens

An innovative marten repellent solution is the IREPELL system. The system is easy to install and provides an effective, long-term solution to marten problems. In proportion, the purchase is far cheaper and more sustainable than an exterminator.

IREPELL can be used both indoors and outdoors and protects the entire building from martens. Another argument is the motion sensor, which also controls a stroboscope, which in addition to ultrasound also visually deter thepests.

The IREPELL system's ultrasonic waves are inaudible to humans and pets, which means that the marten defense is silent and unobtrusive.

In addition to the marten, IREPELL also discourages raccoons, rodents such as rats and mice. Also ants, mosquitoes, moths and cockroaches/cockroaches and ticks.


Are martens dangerous for pets?
Yes, martens can indeed pose a danger to small pets such as rabbits or birds. It is advisable to protect the pets from possible encounters with martens.

How to remove marten faeces?
Marten faeces should be removed with gloves and the affected area thoroughly cleaned to eliminate possible pathogens.

How do you recognize a marten burglary?
Signs of a marten intrusion are scratch marks, the detachment of insulation material or unusual noises in the building.

What can be done to keep martens out in the long term?
In addition to short-term solutions such as home remedies, there are professional methods that enable a long-term defense against martens. The use of ultrasound devices that generate unpleasant frequencies for martens or the IREPELL system, which relies on natural repellents, can be effective measures.

How do I place ultrasound devices for marten resistance correctly?
Place IREPELL in areas where martens frequent, such as near garages, attics, or under piles of wood.

Can I order IREPELL in the online shop?
Yes, test IREPELL and add the product to the cart to place the order in the online store. Receive this unique animal repellent along the way.

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