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Drive Away Martens: Be Marten-Free with These Tips!

How can you drive a marten away? Are you looking for tips to become marten-free? Marten damage is an annoying standard for homeowners, but especially for car owners. When it comes to getting rid of martens and protecting your living spaces or vehicles from the damage of these nocturnal predators, effective action is essential. But how can this be done in a way that is gentle on animals?

With the right tips and strategies, you can drive martens away – from prevention to control, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the best marten repelling methods.

Driving away martens – an overview of what to look out for

Before we delve into the details of the marten defense, it is important to clarify in advance what to consider when fighting these unpleasant guests. Martens can cause significant damage to vehicles, attics and other buildings. To effectively displace them, various aspects must be considered, ranging from the habits and habitats of the martens to appropriate and less effective defense methods.

The marten – what you should know about the nocturnal predators

Martens, especially the stone marten that is widespread in Europe, are small but cunning predators that are mainly nocturnal. These agile animals are known for their ability to climb and adapt to a wide range of habitats. 

Martens are so-called cultural followers. These are animals that benefit from man-made landscape changes and therefore follow man into his cultural landscape (forests, fields, meadows, traffic routes, settlements, buildings). Martens feed mainly on small mammals, birds, insects and fruits. 


In certain phases, they maintain noisy turf battles and differentiate their territory from other martens with the help offragrance marks. They are known for their preference for attics, garages and especiallyengine rooms where they can cause significant damage to vehicles.

Their sharp teeth allow them to easily sever cables and hoses, resulting in costly repairs.

Martens are extremely intelligent and especially as a predator of great ecological value, as they keep rats, mice and other pests at bay. It is therefore all the more important to take effective and animal-friendly preventive measures against these clever intruders.

Where do martens predominantly stay?

Martens, especially the stone marten that is widespread in Europe, are originally cave dwellers. As a habitat, he prefers protected and hidden places such as attics, garages, barns and engine rooms of vehicles.

There they build their nests and look for food. Especially the engine compartment of cars offers protection and warmth to martens, which can lead to considerable damage to cables andinsulation material.

What damage can martens cause?

The damage that martens can cause is manifold and can extend to both vehicles and buildings. The most common damages include broken cables and hoses, damaged facades and wall cladding, and contaminated areas from feces and urine.

In buildings and houses, wild animals often also worry about roof insulation and insulation, causing considerable damage. These damages can not only be costly, but also pose safety risks, especially when it comes to vehicles.

Visible marten bites in the engine compartment, on cables, hoses or the car battery, martenfootprints on the body, nibbled antennas or damaged engine insulation in the engine compartment are indications that you have a marten problem. At the latest now you should think about the topic of marten scare.

Tips for effectively dispelling martens

In order to effectively dispel martens, there are various tips and tricks that you can follow. This includes both preventive measures and active defence methods.

Preventive measures include sealing potential entry points, removing potential food sources, and erecting marten shelters.

Active defense methods may include loud noises, unpleasant odors, electric shocks, lighting effects, or ultrasonic devices. That is why we often speak ofthe marten scare or the marten scare.

Driving martens out of the attic

The attic is a popular habitat for martens as it is often warm and protected. To dislodge martens from the attic, it is important to close all potential entry points and thoroughly clean the area. In addition, ultrasound equipment or other repellents can be used to keep the martens away gently and effectively.

Drive martens away from the car and garage

As already mentioned, the engine compartment of vehicles and garages are also popular locations for martens. Various methods can be used to dispel them, includingultrasound equipment, strobe light, odor repellent or electric shock. Regular cleaning of the engine compartment and sealing of possible slip holes can also help keep martens away from the car.

Drive martens away with these simple means

To dispel martens naturally, various home remedies can be helpful. These include odours such as peppermint oil, vinegar, lavender oil, citrus fragrances or ammonia. These odors are unpleasant for martens and can help keep them away. In addition, noise, light orelectric shock can also be used as effective repellents.

Here is a list of common home remedies that are intended to avoid marten infestation – but often only have a short or limited effect on the adaptable pests:

  • Fragrances: mothballs or dog hair, citrus fragrances, ammonia, vinegar drive martens away. Own fragrance sprays are recommended as scent traces to scare martens

  • Marten grid: They are intended to be a barrier and make it difficult for the marten to enter buildings via loopholes

  • Current traps: Electric shocks, pasture fences or power grilles are often recommended

  • Light traps: Motion detectors turn on flashing lights to dispel martens.

  • Noise Traps: Bells, signals, loud music or similar is installed to scare themarten away with noise

Important: The marten is extremely adaptable, and so it is rarely done with one method alone to keep the nocturnal loners away permanently. Marten protection requires a little more knowledge here. IREPELL®, for example, combines targeted ultrasonic frequencies with flash light and thus achieves a very high effectiveness against martens.

These smells help keep martens at bay

When fighting martens, certain smells can help keep them at bay. This includes peppermint oil, which has a strong odor that is unpleasant formartens. Vinegar, lavender oil, citrus scents, and ammonia can also be effective at scaring away martens. These smells should be applied regularly and generously to achieve an effective effect.

Catching martens – is a marten trap really an alternative?

Using a marten trap (live trap) can be a way to catch martens and remove them from your area. However, this is not always the best solution, as captured martens have to be housed elsewhere and may cause further damage there.

Killing the marten by a hunter is another possibility, but it raises ethical and legal concerns. At IREPELL ®, we categorically reject the killing, trapping and forcible expulsion of martens and instead rely on animal-friendly, odourless and chemical-free marten defense using high-tech.

Dispel martens gently with IREPELL®

IREPELL® offers an innovative solution to prevent marten damage. The device combines ultrasound, motion sensors and flash to ensure an effective and animal-friendlymarten defense. The ultrasound range used by IREPELL ® effectively repels martens – scientifically proven.

Other benefits include:

  • Different defense modes: Targeted settings for different animals, including a special mode for martens.

  • Long range: Protects the entire area around the vehicle thanks to a 360° protective shield with a far-reaching ultrasonic signal.

  • Easy to use:IREPELL ® is easy to install and can be controlled via a user-friendly app.

Thanks to the intuitive commissioning and operation as well as the very easy-to-use app, IREPELL® is the ideal companion for everyday life, a barbecue party on holiday, visiting friends or when a picnic is planned. Because not only martens can be kept away.

Insects such as ticks, ants, mosquitoes, moths and cockroaches as well as mice, rats or raccoons are also kept away. IREPELL can also be used against dogs and cats. This makes IREPELL ® a true all-rounder in gentle animal protection.


How to get rid of martens?
Martens can be controlled in a variety of ways, including preventive measures such as sealing entry points and active defense methods such as ultrasound equipment or home remedies.

Do water bottles help against martens?
Water bottles hung from cords can sometimes serve as a visual deterrent to martens, but are generally not an effective method of long-term marten control.

How do you know you have a marten problem?
Signs of a marten problem may include broken cables, scratch marks on vehicles, or feces and urine near potential marten hiding places.

What is the best marten defense?
The best marten defense depends on the individual circumstances. Effective methods can be ultrasound equipment, home remedies against martens or sealing entry points.

How do you tell that martens are active in the attic?
Activities of martens in the attic can be detected by noise, fecal traces or damage to insulation materials and cables.

How to distinguish cat tracks and marten tracks on the car?
Marten tracks on the car are usually larger and stronger than cat tracks. Martens often leave deep scratch marks on body parts or bite through cables, while cat tracks tend to be light and filigree.

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