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Fight Martens - Finally, Sustainable Defense Solutions

Do you know this problem?

You get in your car, start and nothing happens? A marten has enjoyed himself again in the engine compartment. They have already tried home remedies, applied dog hair and other fragrances in the car, but seemingly without effect.

Martens are not only annoying, but also cause considerable costs and can even be dangerous. Marten damage includes gnawed cables, damage to the car battery, insulation material, insulation in the car or in the attic, which can lead to expensive repairs.

In most cases, the purchase of a marten scarecrow is the only solution to put an end to nightly visits.

The solution: IREPELL – The first marten protection with artificial intelligence

With IREPELL, there is now an innovative way to effectively and sustainably dispose of martens. IREPELL is the only device on the market that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the marten's behavior and environment. Since there are 60 species of martens with different behaviour worldwide, IREPELL automatically adapts its defence strategy to the respective situation. The device not only emits ultrasonic frequencies, but varies them to avoid the habituation effect and effectively fend off all marten species.

Martens are annoying animals and cause great damage

Martens can cause a variety of damage. They corrode cables, leather, wood and other materials and can therefore incur considerable costs. These animals are solitary and very territorial, which means that they are often involved in turf battles and can cause further damage in the process. The marten defense with IREPELL is completely automatic. As soon as a marten comes close, it is expelled by the device. IREPELL is safe for humans and animals and does not require any manual intervention.

With IREPELL you can finally relax, as marten problems are a thing of the past. Dispel the marten promptly and permanently!

How do you recognize the marten?

A marten is a predator that feeds mainly on carnivorous food. They can grow up to 60 cm long and have a bushy coat, which is usually gray or brown in color. Most martens, such as the stone marten, live in forests and on the edges of forests, but more and more often they also settle near people, as the food sources here are richer. Signs of a marten infestation include unpleasant smells, bite marks such as scratch marks, feces and noise at night are classic features of a marten visit.

Avoid marten damage

If martens have already invaded your house or car and caused damage, you should remove them as soon as possible. Martens feel at home in dark, confined and uncluttered spaces and look for food here. Eliminate food residues, garbage, old newspapers and other waste products. Make sure your house is well ventilated and martens do not have access to living or sleeping quarters. Furniture should not be placed directly on the wall, as martens like to hide in small caves and crevices.

Fight martens in the attic or near the house

Martens are mainly nocturnal, which means they are rarely seen during the day. They like to live in the attic or near houses, where they find access to food and shelter. These animals can not only damage cars and homes, but also transmit diseases. Therefore, it is important to take measures to keep martens away.

Homeowners are advised to close loopholes and access to the attic to protect insulation material and insulation from marten damage.

Car owners can only check their engine compartment and carry out regular engine washing, as martens are attracted by the scent traces of other martens and want to mark or defend their territory. This also reduces the chance of a possible marten bite.

There are some guides that advise marten traps. So-called live traps. There are also a number of frequently mentioned home remedies - loud music, sprays (fragrance sprays), electrocution, wire mesh, interfering noises (loud noises) or toilet stones as well as dog hair are often called that these are a kind of marten scare.

The reality is often different. Hunters as well as exterminators, professional pest controllers agree that a marten that is caught or killed immediately creates a place for the next pest.

A permanent and sustainable solution to keep the martens out of the garage, barns, sheds, attic at a distance and to keep them at bay.

IREPELL is the ONLY digital marten distributor in the world

Martens are intelligent animals. It is not enough to simply play ultrasound and hope that the marten disappears. Instead, IREPELL analyzes the area of application and adjusts the defense strategy to ensure that the martens are driven out forever. IREPELL uses a combination of ultrasound, flash and motion detectors to effectively repel martens.

With IREPELL, you can:

  • Immediately expel martens

  • Permanently expel martens

  • Driving martens out of your car

  • Animals such as rats, raccoons, but also dogs, cats and mice as well as ants, cockroaches, mice and moths or mosquitoes and gels can also be kept away.

We assure you that IREPELL distributes the animals sustainably and permanently.

Our features

  • App included: Control the device conveniently via an app.

  • Timer function: Set the timer so that the device is only active at night.

  • Sensors: Built-in light, motion and temperature sensors combined with your current location.

  • 360-degree sound: A patented 360-degree sound sign covers a large area.

  • Powerful battery performance: Long-lasting battery and powerful led emitter.

  • Detects 60 different species of marten: Automatically adjusts the defense strategy.

  • Effective and sustainable: 6x more effective than comparable products.

IREPELL AI-based marten control

In a nutshell:

  • Only device with built-in artificial intelligence to detect the area of application.

  • Recognises different species of martens and their behaviour.

  • Digital and connected.

  • Easy installation and operation via an app.

7 Advantages:

  • Sustainable

  • Effective

  • Martens are driven out, not killed

  • Easy to use

  • Good battery performance

  • Ready to install incl. wall bracket and changing station

  • CE certified


IREPELL offers the most effective method of marten defense. The system uses a combination of ultrasound, flash and motion detectors to drive martens away in a sustainable way. It is easy to install, user-friendly and CE certified. With IREPELL, marten problems are a thing of the past. Rely on IREPELL's intelligent solution to drive martens away permanently and humanely.


How does marten control work with IREPELL?

IREPELL uses artificial intelligence to detect the area of application and adjust the defense strategy. The device distributes martens with a combination of ultrasound, flash and motion detectors.

What is special about IREPELL?

IREPELL is the only device with built-in artificial intelligence that recognizes different marten species and their behavior and adjusts the defense strategy accordingly.

Is marten control with IREPELL easy to install?

Yes, installation is easy and fast. IREPELL is supplied ready-to-assemble with wall bracket and changing station.

What are the benefits of IREPELL?

IREPELL is sustainable, effective and easy to install. It drives away martens permanently and humanely without killing them. In addition, the device is CE certified.

Can I order IREPELL in the online shop?

Yes, you can order IREPELL in the online shop. Place the product in the shopping cart and complete the ordering process. The product will be conveniently delivered to your home.

What service does IREPELL offer?

Our service team is available from Monday to Friday for questions and information.

Is IREPELL safe for pets and humans?

Yes, IREPELL is safe for pets and people. The device uses ultrasound and flash, which are safe for humans and pets.

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